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Disney World Discounts in 2016

by Robin, Brewster MA and Eugene from Eau Claire WI

Today we have a two-for-one Q&A on Ask Dad – how’s that for a great value? First, Robin asks,

We have booked a room, and ticket package for Nov.28-Dec.4. I booked even though there wasn’t any offers yet for those dates. I was told that after they are available in can get the package adjusted. My question is: do you think an offer will be available? % off the room would be what we need. not free dining. Also, when do you think it would come out (if at all)?

And in the same vein, Eugene sent me this note…

Once again as far as I am concerned the free dining promo for 2016 was a big farce. We already had reservations for the Coronado Resort for the days allowed but when the promotion came up we were not able to change our existing dining plan to the free dining. I feel that that is unfair. What are your feelings on this. Thank You.

crowds and discounts

How do all these people afford to go to WDW? Discounts! – Photo by Cliff Wang

Dad’s Life’s Not Fair Answer

Robin and Eugene, I hear you and I feel your pain, I really do. Pricing seems to have gotten out of hand at WDW, and it’s hurting a lot of wallets. I even wrote a letter to Mr. Iger about some of the recent price hikes. I understand that Disney is a business and has to make a buck, but a lot of great Disney fans don’t have unlimited cash to spend on vacations. Don’t worry – Dad has a few solutions that can help you save.

Robin, let’s start with your question. It’s a good thing you booked your package already, because a little bird tells me to expect a big price increase on hotels coming this summer. You’ll be locked in at your existing price, so at the very least that’s something!

Of course, there’s no guarantee, but I do think you have a good change at getting a discount for that time – but if it’s a percentage off the new prices, you might fare better with your existing, non-discounted price!

Free Dining is already available for that time period, but I would expect room discounts to come out late summer or early fall. We haven’t seen room only discounts for beyond August at this point, so you’ve got a bit of time to wait.

You can watch for discounts yourself on Disney’s website, or keep an eye on Dad’s Discount Page, for the latest deals. Or, give Dad’s friends at Destinations to Travel at holler – even though you’ve booked your reservation, they may be able to help you monitor when all the discounts come out and get you the very best price possible.



Eugene, I agree that Free Dining has been a misleading promotion in the past few years. It started out as a great way to save families some money but now there seems to be a lot of red tape involved. Between specific resorts or rooms excluded and the available promotion dates, your options are limited. They only a lot a certain number of rooms for the promotion, so once they are booked, that’s all she wrote.

You did the right thing by having your reservation in hand before the promo came out – upgrading to a promotion has been easier than getting a room off the bat in the past. Unfortunately, there’s no knowing how many rooms were allotted at the Coronado Springs Resort, and by the time you tried to upgrade, they were “sold out” of this promotion.

Dad is hearing this same story from a lot of people. It’s sad.

There are a few options here too – if you’re willing to change your resort or travel days, there could possibly be availability. Again, Shannon’s team at Destinations to Travel could help you find out. If you’re set on your stay as is, I do think it’s an unfair situation. But as they say, life’s not fair – but it’s real sad that we have to be reminded of it in this way.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Robin and Eugene, I know how important it is to get the best price possible on your WDW vacation – but sometimes Disney doesn’t make it easy. Dad wants to help yo has much as possible – check out the links I suggested and let me know how much you save!

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disney world parks


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disney hotels


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