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Who wants Walt Disney World DISCOUNTS?

That’s a pretty stupid question Dad, we all do…


Disney Dollars in a wallet in the Magic Kingdom

It takes a lot of money to enjoy the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Wayne Wood


The number 1, or numero uno, thing you can do when you are working on your Magical WDW vacation is to SAVE MONEY!!! And really it’s pretty Simple and a lot of Fun.


Oh, Dad’s going to sing again…

“And it’s gonna take money,

a whole lot of spending money.

It’s gonna take plenty of money.

To do it, to do it, to do it right…”

Dad sings that one really good. (He even makes the trumpet sounds.)


Yes, it takes plenty of money “to do it right” when you go on a Walt Disney World vacation. But there are a lot of ways to get Disney World Discounts.

Do tell Dad.

The Latest Disney World Discounts

There are new discounts coming out all the time. Want to know the latest? Check this out. We’ve got a page that keeps track of the newest and latest discounts.

Dad’s Current Disney World Discounts page

DIY Discounts

Brett's do it your self Disney World Discount Magic BandDo it yourself Magic Band – Photo by Disney Photo Snapper


Getting Discounts on things is just Fun. Right? So other than Disney where are some places to get Disney World Discounts?

Thought you’d never ask.


One of the easiest ways to get a Disney World Discount is to get your tickets from someone other than Disney. You have to be careful on this one because there are a lot of scams, but if you use an authorized Disney Ticket reseller you can save a lot of money.


Dad highly recommends The Official Ticket Center for Disney Tickets. They are authorized by Disney and are the number 1 ticket reseller in the country.

Dad’s Official Ticket Center page

Staying Offsite

One of the best ways to get a discount or to save money on your WDW vacation is not to stay in a Disney Hotel. I know, I always recommend to stay in a Disney Hotel, but they are getting pretty expensive and you can save a ton by staying offsite.


There are lots of places that you can go and save money. There are hotels on Disney property that aren’t owned by Disney. There are the Downtown Disney hotels and lots of hotels around Walt Disney World.


There are even a bunch of houses that you can rent that are a great deal. Get 6 rooms and a pool for about what a Value Resort costs.

Discounts on Flights to Orlando

The best place to get cheap flights to Orlando is wherever you can find them. These days cheap flights are hard to find, but Dad can help. Dad’s got a little flight wizard tool that can help you search the whole Internet to find the best prices on cheap flights to Orlando.


Dad’s even got a bunch of good tips about how to get the best flights for your family and some really good advice about Travel Insurance.

Dad’s Flights to Orlando page

Disney World Discounts on Dining

Getting “Discounts” on dining at WDW is not easy. There’s are just a couple of ways.


The first is to have a Disney Chase Visa card. There are about 20 restaurants or so that offer a 10% discount to Disney Chase Visa card holders. You can see the list on the Chase Rewards site.


Another way get discounts on Dining at WDW is the Tables in Wonderland card for Annual Pass Holders. Florida residents and DVC members. It gives you a discount at many of the Disney restaurants. If you go to WDW a lot, you should look into Tables in Wonderland.


There are other ways to save on dining at Disney, but discounts are tough.

Get Some Help!

The Simplest way to get a Walt Disney World discount is to let our friends at Destinations to Travel give you some help.


I get notes all the time like this one from Natalie about Destinations to Travel – “I didn’t expect her to be so quick to reply to emails for sure, but she also saved me a bit more money than if I had booked the exact same trip on my own!!


They will not only help you get the best price when you book, but they will monitor your reservation for any new discounts that might pop up and get you the best deal possible.


And the best part is it’s FREE! Give them a shout…

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Getting Discounts for a Disney World trip is like getting discounts for Cokes at the grocery store. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you just get a lot of hype.

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