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Disney World during hurricane season


Hi there,


I am planning our first trip to Disney World and would love to take advantage of the free dining currently being offered. My only hesitation is that it is being offered during peak hurricane season. What are your thoughts about visiting Disney during hurricane season. We would hopefully by going towards the end of the promotion (late September).


Thanks so much for any advice!

The International Food and Wine festival is during hurricane season at Disney World

Disney World during Hurricane Season Photo by Express Monorail


Dad’s it’s just a big wind Answer

Hurricanes rarely impact Orlando. Only 2 have ever really had any impact on Disney World. One did some a little damage to some of the hotels and guests were stuck for a few days, but Disney took care of them.


So, I guess my recommendation about going to is to not worry too much about it. Hey, I’m sending The Princess and her Prince Charming to Disney World during September for their honeymoon. (I’d go along if they’d let me.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

September is a great time to visit Disney. Crowds will be light and Free Dining is a good option (although if you booked a Deluxe Resort on the earlier promotion you saved more than this package). It’s just a great time to visit.

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