Am I Tall Enough? Walt Disney World Height Requirements

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Just what ARE the Walt Disney World height requirements?


How many times have you heard this from the kids? Mommy/Daddy am I tall enough to ride (insert their favorite ride here)?


Trent testing out the Walt Disney World height requirements at Rock 'n Roller CoasterSorry Trent, but you’re not quite tall enough – Photo by Brett Svenson


This is a big deal. Every time we go to Walt Disney World we see parents consoling their kids because they can’t quite reach the line. Or the parents try to cajole the Cast Member into letting the kid in.


So let’s look and see what the height requirements are for all the attractions at WDW.

The Walt Disney World Height Requirements

The height requirements for all the rides are below.


Attraction Height (inches) Park
Tomorrowland Speedway (to ride alone) 54 MK
Primeval Whirl 48 AK
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster 48 DHS
Crush ‘n’ Gusher 48 TL
Humunga Kowabunga 48 TL
Downhill Double Dipper 48 BB
Slush Gusher 48 BB
Summit Plummet 48 BB
Expedition Everest 44 AK
Mission Space 44 EP
Space Mountain 44 MK
Soarin’ Around the World 40 EP
Test Track 40 EP
Star Tours:The Adventure Continues 40 DHS
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 40 DHS
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 40 MK
Slash Mountain 40 MK
Stitch’s Great Escape 40 MK
Kali River Rapids 38 AK
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 38 MK
The Barnstormer 35 MK
Flight of Passage 44 AK
Slinky Dog Dash 38 DHS
Alien Swirling Saucer 32 DHS


There aren’t any requirements on any of the other rides.

Disney Will Measure

Minimum height measuring stick at Rock 'n Roller Coaster part of Disney World's height requirementsBut Eathan is – Photo by Kimberly Masimore


Disney takes these measurements very seriously. Each of the attractions with a height requirement will have a measuring device right at the entrance. Everyone that comes close will be checked.


If you aren’t tall enough, you don’t get to ride. It’s that simple. No tippy toes, no cheating (no, they won’t actually check shoes to see if you have lifts.)


The height requirements are a safety thing. It’s important to follow them.

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Dad's Are You Tall Enough chart with a little girl measures Disney World height requirements


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Are your kids tall enough to ride? That’s an age old question. It can be really upsetting to arrive at an attraction and the little one isn’t tall enough.


You can avoid that by knowing what the minimums are and keeping track with Dad’s Are You Tall Enough to Ride…? It’s really, really cool.


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