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When can I make a Disney World Hotel Reservation?

from Joyce


Hello Dad, I have a question regarding timing when I can make my Walt Disney World Hotel reservation. It is a year and a half out hoping for May of 2021. When would reservation dates be available for that time? I noticed for now they do not do past early December end of 2020.

Thanks Joyce

Dad Answers

The monorail pulling into the Polynesian Village Resort which you can see by making a Disney World hotel reservation

I love riding the monorail from the Polynesian Village Resort – photo by Rich Ramos

Joyce, that’s a great question. We get it all the time. The answer is pretty easy.

Disney World Hotel Reservations

You can make hotel reservations for any of the Walt Disney World hotels 499 days before arrival. That means you would be able to make your May 2021 reservation right now. That is room only. It won’t include tickets or the dining plan.


No, you won’t find May of 2021 on the Disney website. It won’t be available online until the packages are released. To make a reservation at a Disney hotel before they are on the website you will have to call Disney or talk to a travel agent. We just happen to have a travel agent partner that’s as Crush would say, “totally awesome Dude”. I’ll talk more about them in just a sec.

Disney World Package Reservations

Typically Disney releases package reservations (room plus tickets, dining plan, etc.) sometime in mid to late June. The last few years it’s been the 3rd week. This year I would expect it between the 15th and 26th. You never know with Disney, they could release it tomorrow. Not likely, but pigs might fly someday.


When the packages are released, you’ll be able to book both room only and packages on their website. (Travel agents will be able to book both too.)

Changing Room Only to Package

There is the problem with booking a room only Disney World hotel reservation early. It’s not possible to convert a room only reservation to a package reservation. It seems silly, but once a room only reservation is made it’s locked into being just room only. You can’t add anything to it, even tickets. Crazy right?


Now don’t panic. There is a way around this. You just make a new package reservation and cancel the room only reservation. That sounds simple but can be tricky. If you have a discount on your room reservation or if there aren’t any more rooms at the hotel, then you will need to call Disney’s Customer Service, or tell your travel agent, and have them change it. (Disney may say they can’t. If they do, politely hang up and call again.)

Destinations to Travel

I really, really suggest you talk to our partners over at Destinations to Travel, Dad’s Disney travel agent partner. They handle this stuff all the time. They will be able to tell you if you should book early or if it’s OK to wait. If you want to change from room only to a package, they’ll work with Disney to make it happen.


Your Destinations to Travel agent will be your best new Disney friend. They will help you with your reservation. They will work with you on dining reservations and even make your ADR’s (Advanced Dining Reservation) for you. Not only dining, but they will work with you on FastPass, itinerary, and more. They will take good care of you. Trust me.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Dad’s Bottom Line

Joyce, you can make your Disney World hotel reservation now, or wait until June. It really doesn’t matter either way. I don’t expect any big package discounts for May 2021 to be released until late this year, so you won’t miss anything by booking early and changing to a package in June.


Go for it. 2021 is going to be AWESOME! I can’t wait.

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