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Disney World in February or November?


by Amanda


Hi! We went to Walt Disney World for the first time this past May. We had a wonderful time and I’m already trying to plan our next trip! 🙂


I have a few questions. We really don’t care to go in May again … Crowds were moderate the beginning of the week, but by Friday, the Magic Kingdom was packed with field trips! It was just over 90 degrees the entire week –so waiting for the parades and whatnot was just miserable. We would really like to go when it is cooler and crowds are lower.


Thinking about going to Disney World in either early February or early November (the week before Thanksgiving). We would still like to be able to swim and would really like to see the Christmas decor and attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.


Is this time of year any less crowded than May? Also, we stayed off-site last time (I completely regret it!) — this time we want to stay onsite and am looking at either the Polynesian or Beach Club. I see you are a big supporter of Poly — do you think they give the best Disney experience? Just want it to be magical for all of us. 🙂


So, would you suggest November or February for weather/crowds? Also wondering which month we would be most likely to get a discount…either on rooms or free dining?


Thanks for your advice!!

The Boardwalk at Disney World in February or November - no crowds

November or February at Disney World Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s it doesn’t really matter Answer



When it comes to February or November crowds at Disney World will be about the same. If you look at you can see the day to day crowd levels for each month and they are pretty much identical.

Dad’s November Disney World crowd page
Dad’s February Disney World crowd page


Weather will be pretty much the same too. The temperatures can range from super comfortable to very cold (not real likely but it happens). Swimming is usually OK, but there are times in both months when it will be to cold to swim.


The only real difference between the two months is Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Christmas at Disney World starts just after the 1st of November. All the decorations magically appear overnight and the holidays get in to full swing. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party starts around the 7th or so. Christmas at Disney World is the best time of the year to visit.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page


Now about my favorite hotel, the Polynesian Resort – Yes, if you want a truly magical experience, stay at the Polynesian. The Beach Club is nice (the rooms are quite a bit smaller than the Polynesian) but it’s just not the same.

Dad’s Polynesian Resort page


The Polynesian is more convenient to the Magic Kingdom and has great access to the front part of EPCOT. The Beach Club does have easy access to the World Showcase and if you were going for the International Food and Wine Festival I might suggest staying there. But for a normal trip, there is nothing more magical than watching Wishes on the beach at the Polynesian.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Amanda, if it were me, I’d pick November but I’m a Christmas nut. You can’t go wrong either way. Either one will be less crowded than May.


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Jun 27, 2011 from someone who worked there
by: Anonymous I would go between thanksgiving and christmas.that is the slowest time of the year.tuesday being the slowest day.

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