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Disney World Key to the World


by Matilde


Hi Dad! Thank you for your tips and comments on Walt Disney World, I find them very useful!!!


A lot has changed since my last question “Get from Disney World to Universal Studios”!
We are now staying at the Polynesian, with the Deluxe Dining Plan and 4 day tickets. We are also renting a car, to make it easier to go to Universal, Kennedy Space Center and Premium Outlets. I think I have a good plan of our trip so far, yet there´s so much to do!


OK, these are my Qs: (since we´re 5 guests 2 adults 1 junior 2 children) Are we getting one for each one of us? Will our names be printed on them? Can we use them as IDs? Do they have a hole or something to use them with a key chain? What happens if you loose one? Thanks a lot!!


 at the Polynesian Resort

Your will work at the Polynesian Resort Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s don’t punch a hole in it Answer




It’s good to hear from you again. It sounds like your plan is shaping up.


First about the you will get when you check in to the Polynesian Resort. Every member of your party will get a Key to the World. Your park tickets, your dining plan and your room key are all on the card. It looks like a credit card and works like one.


Each card will have a name on it. The reason is, as your theme park ticket each card will be tied to an individual through the biometric scanning system (where you put your thumb on a pad). If a different person tries to use the ticket it won’t work.


The Key to the World card is part of all Disney World Vacation Packages.


The cards not only look like credit cards (or room keys at most hotels) they work like them. The have a magnetic strip on the back that contains all the information about your trip (dining plan credits, park tickets, room key) so it’s important to take good care of them. If you punch a hole in them, they may quit working. Don’t do that.


We keep ours in a wallet or fanny pack. Mrs. Mom is the official keeper of the Key to the World cards when we travel. She gathers them all up every time we use them (like for a FASTPASS) or getting in to a park). Then she gathers them up again. I wouldn’t leave them dangling where anyone could grab one or where they could get lost.


So what happens if you lose one? It’s important that if you find a card missing, go directly to the nearest Disney Guest Services or the front desk at your hotel. After you provide identification, Disney will issue you a new card. No problems.


One other thing you can do with the card is have charging privileges put on it. That way you can charge things to your room. This way you don’t have to take a bunch of credit cards into the parks. You can set a spending limit on each card if you choose to do this.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


That’s probably more than you need to know. The bottom line is it’s the most important card you will have at Walt Disney World. Take good care of it.


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Jun 19, 2012 question about key to the world
by: Anonymous if we are staying at old key west, but waiting to buy our tickets from shades of green(due to the military discount) when we get to Disney, will we be able to have our tickets put on our key to the world cards? Thanks in advance!!!


Dad answers

Yes, you can, but you can’t do it at the front desk. You have to either go to the concierge or to a Guest Relations desks at one the parks.

Jul 31, 2011 Keeper of the Cards
by: Mrs. Mom SOMEBODY has to be responsible!!!!!

Jul 28, 2011 Thanks again!
by: Matilde Thanks a lot again!! I will certainly take good care of all the five keys! And won’t punch any hole in them! You are great, Dad!

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