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Disney World – let’s just grab a cab.

Just married…

Paid a bunch of money for a trip that included a rental car…

Rental car company says we’re too young to rent a car. Oops (I hate travel agents)

No problem, we’ll just grab a cab. 

Remember, we’re just a couple of young kids from semi-poor, small town backgrounds. Neither of us has ever been in a cab. We’re both a little nervous. We’re a long way from home. We’re in a strange city. We’re going out to get in a dirty yellow cab. Help!

We got in the cab and told the driver we needed to go to our hotel. 

We were nervous. It took forever.

Finally we got pulled up to the hotel. That’ll be $17.50 (Remember this was 1980, and for 2 kids that was a lot of money.)

I gave the guy a $20.00 bill (we had to skip a meal, not really). He said something I couldn’t understand… And slammed his door and took off.

(I hate travel agents.)

Finally we had arrived at the hotel

Moral of this story…

A. Know the rules before you go
B. Take more money.
C. Find a new travel agent.

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  1. Correction: I had ridden in cab before in 1968 in New York City under close supervision of my parents. And if I tell you how old I was in 1968, you’ll be able to figure out that like Dad, I am a 50ish Baby Boomer.

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