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Disney World – Mission Space – Daddy, why are you turning green?

It was finally open. Mission Space. The fastest, toughest, coolest, meanest ride Disney’s ever invented. How bad can it be?

For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride. – Disclaimer on the Disney web site for Mission Space

They say that stuff all the time. Don’t worry kids we’ll have fun.


Mission Space at EPCOT

Mission Space at EPCOT

I couldn’t wait. I wanted to experience the G-forces. I had always wanted to be an astronaut and now it was time to prove that Dad has the “Right Stuff”.


Here we go kids. I got separated from the kids and had to ride in a different capsule. I was with a family that didn’t speak any English and I didn’t speak the language they were speaking. It bothered me a little that our team wouldn’t be able to communicate in the depths of space, but somehow I’d make it work. I was in full Dad mode.


Why do they keep asking about motion sickness?


In we went. I had the navigators position which has the most important role in the flight (sure it does). We were loaded and ready. One last chance to escape. Why do they keep doing that?


Three, Two, One… WWWWOOOOOWWWW!!!!!


G-forces, shaking, noise. It all hit.


Up we went. Hey, I’m feeling a little uneasy here, can someone please turn down the air conditioning. (There are fans blowing on each side of your face. At first I thought it was annoying, but pretty soon I was very thankful for them.)


I’m not going to get in to the whole story, but suffice it to say, I was ready to get out of that contraption before it was ready to let me out.


I wouldn’t have made a very good astronaut.


I beat the kids out of the ride and found Mrs. Mom, and then headed straight for the nearest bathroom. Where I stayed for a while. Mrs. Mom being the thoughtful, loving wife that she is, had the kids run get Cokes or something while I recovered. The kids never knew that Dad was sick. You don’t find wives like that everywhere.


No, I didn’t make any messes. Almost, but not quite.


They next time we went to EPCOT they had opened up the Green Line (it doesn’t do any of that spinning stuff). From now on I go in the Green Line and I’m proud of it. (I tell the kids the line is shorter. I don’t think they suspect.)

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  1. When you say “spinning stuff” could you elaborate just a bit? If I had, say, and eight-year old daughter that typically throws up at the thought of getting on a commercial plane, is this not the ride for us? Because this mom doesn’t clean up…ummm…those kind of messes very well.

    1. Post


      Mission Space is a centrifuge. You don’t see it, but the ride vehicles spin rapidly to produce G-forces. The ride vehicles in the green line don’t spin at all. They still shake, but they don’t go into the centrifuge. Mission Space is a simulation of a ride to Mars. You experience blastoff, weightlessness and landing. So if she has problems flying, she might have problems even with the green line.

      About cleaning up. Disney has a test for guests with potential motion sickness problems. The ride vehicles are specially built with scanners that can predict when individuals are having motion sickness problems. A special mask drops down from the roof and covers the potential regurgitaters face and collects all potential expulsions. The system is 92% accurate. NASA is testing it for future space travel.

      Just kidding. But Disney does clean up the mess. (Wouldn’t you hate to have that job.)

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