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Disney World – Mission Space – This might be dangerous

While doing my daily research (no dear, it’s not an obsession) on Disney World yesterday, I came across a note from a recent Disney World guest. This was posted in the wdwinfo forum about the parks. (This forum gets hundred of posts every day and you almost have to be a certified Disney nut to post there. And yes, I do have a certificate.) This lady was complaining that no one told her that Mission Space might make her sick.



There are no less than 13 warning sign in the pre-show area warning people that the ride can cause illness. THIRTEEN.

What did she want, Dad himself to tell her.


OK, I will.

Hey lady, Mission Space probably will make you want to puke.


Is that too much?

I think I’m going to start a rating system for all the rides. Dad’s puke factor.

Look for it soon.

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  1. Let me tell you–Dad’s #1 puke ride is the TEACUPS!!!!! Ask him to tell the story about riding them at Disneyland with his little sister.

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