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Disney World Night of Joy and MNSSHP

Hey Dad! We’re looking to plan a senior trip for night of joy and hoping to combine with a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. When do dates typically come out and what do you think of the chance for a party on the Monday following the concert?

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Fireworks over Cinderella Castle

How about seeing MNSSHP Fireworks? – Photo by Pics from the World of Disney

Dad’s you might be out of luck Answer

I just love the way you are thinking. Take a long weekend and not only see the Night of Joy, but get to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Magic Kingdom overload on parade.

There’s just one problem with your plan. It’s probably not going to work out.

Disney will announce MNSSHP dates in March or so. Even if they don’t you’ll be able to figure out the dates by looking at the hours when Disney publishes them at the end of February.

Just check the hours on the Magic Kingdom and when it closes at 7pm those are party nights.

Dad’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party page

Dad’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party pageSo, why do I think you might be out of luck? Last year the Night of Joy weekend was September 4-5. The dates for MNSSHP last year were September 1, 9, 12 etc. So there wasn’t a party the Monday after Night of Joy.

Dad’s Night of Joy page

It might be different this year since the Night of Joy is a little later in the month, you might luck out.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

A senior trip to WDW is a great idea especially that weekend. There’s lots to do. Can I come?


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