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Disney World – ‘Ohana in the Polynesian Resort

We took the whole family to ‘Ohana in the Polynesian Resort. The whole family. All 15 of us. At one time.

“How many in your party sir?” the nice lady asked.

“Fifteen” I said. I thought the guy behind me was gonna faint. He turned to his wife and said “come on honey, there’s 15 of them, we’ll never get in here.” And they left. It was too bad, the couple behind them were seated before we were.

After a few minutes we were seated. All 15 of us at one table. That’s right dads, kids, moms, grandparents, brothers, sisters… all of us together, enjoying dinner together. It was a Kodak moment.

And it was a great feast. Our server just kept bringing skewers of meat. Skewer after Skewer. I can’t eat another bite. Here you go, how about another piece of that great turkey… OK, but just one. Gotta have some steak to go with that, cousin… Somebody stop me.

Finally after about 2 hours or so, we started getting a little punch drunk. Silliness was in full force. The girls were giggling, the boys were laughing, the kids were watching their parents and trying to crawl into a hole. Some of the parents got up and started to hula hoop and the giggling and laughing started all over.

A big group was seated at the tables next to us. I actually overheard one of them say “We’ll have what they’re drinking.” Iced Tea for everyone.

‘Ohana was a great place to take a big group. We had a blast. The guys got to eat until their eyes popped out, and the girls had a ball too. The kids loved the coconut race and the hula hoop contest.

The Man-Child was asking for food 1 hour later. Where does he put it?

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