Disney World Package - including airfare

Disney World Package - including airfare


We purchased a package through Disney and it's about a month out, and we haven't received any detailed information about our flight/airline tickets. All we have is the times, and the flight number. Do you know if Disney sends something out? When do you receive the park tickets too? We just received the luggage tags and our passes for Magical Express but that's about it.
Thank you!

Dad's welcome to the e-ticket world Answer

Congratulations. And welcome to the wonderful world of electronic travel. You probably have gotten a paper somewhere with the details of your trip. It may say something like, you should present this at your hotel when you check in. That's about all you get these days. Your park tickets will be tied to your room key, so you won't get them until you arrive and check in to your hotel. You probably didn't pay the extra $25.00 each for paper airline tickets so you have e-tickets. Depending on the airline, you can call or go on line and check in about 24 hours in advance.

Don't you just love the paperless society? Grab everything you've gotten from Disney and read it carefully. You might get some more paperwork, you might not. If you have any doubts, call Disney and ask. Hey, that's why you paid them.

It's a shame that Disney has become the main travel agent for Disney World vacations. They do a nice job, but they are a big faceless entity. Unfortunately, we've lost some of the hometown, personal interaction that came from local travel agents. Too bad.

I hope everything works out. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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