Disney World park pins

Disney World park pins

by Jenn

What is the average price of the pins and layards at the parks? Should I buy some online before I go or are they the same price at the parks? Thanks.

Dad's maybe a bit of both Answer

Hi, Jenn, good to hear from you again.

Disney World park pin trading is a big and fun adventure. Part of the fun of pin trading is looking at the displays in the parks. They do have pins in the parks that are not available online. So if you find pins online that you want, buy them. It's also good to have a few to trade when you get to Disney World.

As to prices, online and the Disney World park pins should be the same price in theory. I don't know for sure, because Dad's not in to pin trading. Here are a couple of pins you can buy from the Disney Store online -

The Disney Store Online

2011 Walt Disney World Resort Tinker Bell PinDisney Heroines Carriage Pin Set -- 6-Pc.Then and Now Attractions The Living Seas Pin

Some of the pins at the Disney Store online are pretty pricey and I think there are some "buys" in the parks.

Dad's Bottom Line

If it were me, I'd "prime the pump" a bit. Buy a few online so you can have your lanyards for you Disney World park pins on when you check in to the hotel and when you arrive in the parks. You never know when you might run into someone who is just dying to trade pins with you.

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