Disney World parks after Christmas

Disney World parks after Christmas

HI DAD, My husband and I are active young mid 60's. My 45 year old son and 13 year old granddaughter are staying at the MARRIOTT GRANDE VISTA RESORT,ONE MILE FROM SEAWORLD. OUR ARRIVAL IS DEC.29TH,2010 THRU JAN.5TH,2011.

What is your advice on the best time to visit the Disney World Parks after Christmas. Which ones first and where and when to do this.

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You didn't say it, but I'm assuming since they are staying near SeaWorld, that your family isn't planning to visit Disney World every day.

Disney World parks after Christmas are packed. This year will be no different. The longer you wait to visit Disney, the smaller the crowds will be.

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December 31 will there will be almost gridlock in all of the parks except Animal Kingdom because of the fireworks shows that night.

The Christmas decorations will still be up until Sunday, January 7. The only thing you miss by waiting until after the first of the year to go to Disney World is the Candlelight Processional in Epcot. If you want to see that, I'd sneak in the first night you were there and see it. Make sure to book a Candlelight Processional Dinner package. It's the best way to see the show.

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As for the rest of the week, check out my buddies at Touringplans.com. They have great plans and can tell you day by day how crowded each park will be.

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Visiting Disney World parks after Christmas is wonderful and painful. There are lots of extras that happen, but crowds are huge. If you want to see shows you'll be in heaven. If you want to ride rides, that's a little more problematic. Follow Dad's tips for avoiding Disney World Crowds and you'll be fine.

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Mar 20, 2011

Thank you Dad for the heads upon the Candlelight Processional. I will get 4 dinner tickets in August. Tier3.

What Resttaurant would you recommend for proximity and good food?

Wow Dad, I never had a clue about this. December 29th will be the best time for us to see the Candlelight Processional. Then we will come back January 2nd through 4th for rest of our visit to Disney World.

Should I get a one day Epcot pass for the 29th and a separate park hopper for the rest of the trip, or am I better off with day passes for each park? Anymore tips on what to see and do for my January dates?

Thanks so much, you are the Disney World GURU!!! JAYNE

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Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. I'm wearing my Disney World Guru shirt as I write this.

For the Candlelight Processional Dinner, I'd suggest either Teppan Edo. It's our favorite restaurant in Epcot. It's also real close to the American Gardens Theater. The other restaurant close to American Gardens Theater I'd recommend is Tutto Italia Ristorante (the sit down restaurant in the Italy pavilion). We've haven't eaten there yet, but the reviews are pretty good.

Now about the tickets. Do not, I repeat DO NOT get single day tickets. Go ahead and get 5 day park hoppers. Your tickets are good for 14 days from the date of first use, so they will cover your whole trip. The days don't have to be consecutive so taking a day or two off isn't a problem.

Disney charges an arm and a leg (and your firstborn) for a one day pass. The longer your ticket the cheaper. After 4 days each ticket is only $5.00 or so each person per day. So the it's better to get the longer tickets.

The only tips I have for what to see is to make sure to check out the resorts, especially the Grand Floridian, it's really impressive. Most of the Deluxe Resorts have a "gingerbread" holiday display and some are awesome.

Guru signing off.

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