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Disney World Parks – Time of the year


by Peggy
(Nova Scotia, Canada)


My husband and I had our 1st trip to Walt Disney World in December 3-10 2010 and are hoping to go back again this year. We found the weather cold the week we were there, but we’re glad we went because the decorations at the Disney World parks and hotels were worth it all.


We have 3 different weeks picked out and was wondering your opinion on which week would be best considering lower crowds, weather and price. Oct 15 -22, Oct 22-29 or Nov 12-19. I realize Halloween activities are in October but it is not something that really interest us. Any opinions on which time of the year to visit you have would be greatly appreciated.

Christmas is the best time of the year to visit the Walt Disney World parks

The best time of the year to visit Disney World parks Photo by Loren Javier

Dad’s it’s the most wonderful Answer

“It’s the most wonderful time … of the year …”

I just love singing with Andy on that song. It’s just a joy. Come on let’s sing a bit …

“There’ll be much mistletoeing and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near …

It’s the most wonderful time, It’s the most wonderful time, It’s the most wonderful time … of the year …”

Wasn’t that fun?


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Sorry, Peggy, but when it comes to Christmas time I just have to burst out singing. Let’s get down to business.


When it comes to crowds, weather and price, October and the first part of November are very comparable. Crowds don’t start hitting until Thanksgiving Week. The weather will be a degree or 2 cooler, but hurricane season is over. Prices will be the same either month.

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But, since you said Halloween isn’t really your thing, in my opinion, the best time of the year to visit the Disney World Parks is Christmas time. Like you said the decorations are well worth the extra money, especially when there is no extra money involved.


Let me back up just a bit and say, if you are in to food, you might want to consider October. The International Food and Wine Festival will be in full swing at EPCOT. If you are a food or wine connoisseur this is a not to be missed experience.

Dad’s International Food and Wine Festival page


But, if not then Christmas at Disney World starts the first week of November. The only things you’ll miss from your last trip are the Candlelight Processional which doesn’t start until the day after Thanksgiving and the Christmas tree in the Magic Kingdom which doesn’t go up until after the taping of the Christmas parade in early December.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Peggy, the crowds might be slightly smaller in October, the prices will be the same, the weather will be very comparable so why not pick what you’d rather do? Would you rather eat yourselves silly and see Halloween decorations or would you rather spend another Christmas at Disney World? It’s just that simple.


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