Disney World Restaurants - early or late

Disney World Restaurants - early or late

by Vickie
(St. Louis)

Hi Dad,
You've answered questions for me before and it's been VERY helpful, so I'm turning to the guru again :) At the time of our vacation my children will be 2 and 4.5. What time do you recommend for dinner reservations? We're hoping to enjoy the parks at night and see the fireworks. So, should we visit Disney World Restaurants earlier, or later in the night? Thanks!

Dad's the guru speaks Answer


Wow, guru, I like that.

I'm glad my answers have been helpful. Here's what I'd suggest. Since you live in the central time zone, I'd suggest you eat later in the evening.

Yes, it's easier to get reservations and you don't fight crowds as bad when you eat early, but your kids are probably used to eating at 7:00 or so Eastern time. It's best to keep to as normal of a schedule as possible.

Another big suggestion for children the age of yours is to get out of the parks in the afternoon and let them rest. That's another reason to eat later.

Of course, I say all of this, then I also say you should be at the parks as soon as they open in the morning which can mess up kids schedules.

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning


The most important thing is making the kids (and the adults) as comfortable as possible. That way you can have the best vacation ever.

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