Disney World rides and being overweight

Disney World rides and being overweight

by Andrew
(Gastonia, NC)


I'm going to Walt Disney World Orlando for the first time in a few days and I have a question about Disney World rides and being overweight. I'm 5'8 and weigh somewhere between 330-340lbs. I know I'm fat, that's not my question.

Will I experience difficulties when trying to ride Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Slash Mountain, other Magic Kingdom rides, etc.? We have a local theme park called Carowinds in Charlotte, NC, and I can only fit on a few rides there. Will it be the same way at Walt Disney World?

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Disney World rides and being overweight

Winnie the Pooh is overweight and goes on Disney rides
Photo by Josh McConnell


I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you are Pooh (as in Winnie the Pooh) sized. Mrs. Mom and I are Pooh sized too. We are both undertall and could stand to loose a bunch of weight so we know what you are talking about.

Being overweight is a problem at Walt Disney World but not because of the rides. I can't think if a single ride that would give you problems. A few of the roller coasters might be a bit uncomfortable, but there is no weight limit on any of the rides. There are a couple of rides that might be a problem if you ride with a skinny person. (Rides that have bars that serve as a restraint).

Let's just go down the list - Splash Mountain is a very wide ride that accommodates any size person. On Space Mountain the car is not real roomy, but big enough for wide bodies. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be the most uncomfortable, but you'll be able to get on. PS. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is uncomfortable for most people.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Andrew, the biggest problem with being Pooh sized at Disney World is the same as it is anywhere you would walk miles and miles. It's just hard work. But you should be able to ride all the rides.

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Dec 08, 2017
by: Aly


This is a fabulous website! So happy we came across it! I am hoping someone can provide us some insight. We are traveling to WDW and we have a few pooh sized travelers with children. Have you or anyone out there been on the frozen ride in epcot? Specifically one of the travelers is 6'3-6'4 and 370lbs with most of it in his belly. He's really hopeful he can ride with his daughter. :) Thank you in advance!

Dad Answers

It should be OK. There's nothing that impedes the belly. There's no seatbelt or restraint. If he could ride Malestrom (the old ride) he'll be fine because they use the same boats.

Dec 07, 2017
Flight of Passage
by: TC

I'm actually waiting in line for this ride with my family right now. Sadly, I'm just here for the company. I didn't put in the test seat. For the record, I'm 6'-1" and 360. Pear shaped with a 56" waist. It wasn't even close. The cast member couldn't get the calf restraint to latch so they never even tried the part that comes up from behind. They kept asking if I could move my feet up anymore, but my toes were already as far forward as i could get them. I spent the last few months reading this post, and thought I'd share. Very disappointed that a brand new ride wasn't more accommodating, or at least provided regular seats and bigger seats.

Nov 20, 2017
Rent a scooter and enjoy your vacation!
by: Anonymous

I am about 5’7" and 300 pounds and I will tell you the walking absolutely would’ve done me in. My 28 year old son Suggested a scooter when we arrived after seeing how I struggled through the airports and the resort by the end of the first day and that was just from traveling. He just happened to see a lady on a scooter the very first day at our resort who told my kids that getting a scooter was the only way to go. That was a godsend! Not only did it help me get around the park, but it helped me to access the rides without having to stand in long lines, which I never would’ve been able to do. She even suggested that we rent a scooter from a company outside of the park because it was much cheaper and I could use it at the resort and at the parks. As for rides, the only ride that I had trouble with at Walt Disney World was the new Flight of the Avatar because you have to be able to slide forward completely and fit in so that the harness behind you can buckle. I barely made it because of the size of my thighs and tummy. I’m glad I did because it was a thrilling ride although I think I kept my eyes shut half the time and screamed even though I knew it wasn’t a real ride on a bench it, lol. This trip really shown new light on my health and my size. By the end of the trip my feet and ankles were so swollen and uncomfortable I couldn’t wait to get home. Definitely motivation for me to thin down and try this trip again someday. The bottom line for me is, if you feel like you can handle the walking and you want to go on the rides, just try it. Who cares if you have to get off the ride or have to rent a scooter. You’ll never see any of those people again anyway. This trip was too important and too expensive for me not to at least try. I did the best I could with what I was able to do. Luckily I’m not a fan of roller coasters so I didn’t really want to go on any of those things, but I was aware of my size the whole time.

Nov 19, 2017
Wide hips
by: Anonymous

Hi! I’m about 5’6" and around 260 pounds but I have wide hips and rear. How would I do on 7 dwarves mine train? I’ve had to get out of a rollercoaster car before and I don’t want to repeat that. Thank you!

Dad Answers

You'll do fine. It's very easy to get in and out of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Sitting on the other hand will be very uncomfortable.

Nov 09, 2017
Thank you from one Pooh to another!
by: Anonymous

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that this site popped up when I did a search to see if there are weight limits on any of the rides at Disney World. We are leaving this weekend for a week long vacation at Disney and I have been concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fit on some of the rides. I really couldn’t take the embarrassment I really don’t want to embarrass my kids. Thank you for putting my mind at ease. As far as the walking goes, I will just have to take my time and rest when necessary. I’m so grateful to Disney World that they take into account that we’re not all the same shape and size.

Oct 27, 2017
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Y'all just made this Pooh woman feel so much better! See you Thanksgiving week, Disneyworld!

Oct 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

So I'm 23 and I'm 5'5 weigh 485 and i want to take my fiancee to walt disney world but I'm afraid that i wont fit at amy of the rides and not enjoy our mini vacation. Has anyone had any issues with my same weight or around that weight?

Aug 11, 2017
Avatar Ride
by: Anonymous

I live in California and go to Disneyland on a regular basis, and have no problem fitting on rides there . But I have large in both height and weight. I am 6'8" and around 400 lbs. I am confident that I will fit on most rides at the parks but I have heard flight of passage is a bit fat-unfriendly. Should I expect problems?

Dad Answers

Most of the problems that are encountered on AVATAR's Flight of Passage are with people that have big bellies. If you don't have a big belly you should be alright.

Aug 05, 2017
Pandora Rides - Pooh Friendly?
by: Ambo

Anyone able to weigh in on Avatar's rides yet? I assume the boat ride will be fat friendly but the Flight of Passage looks problematic. I'm 5'8, 400lbs and have had zero issues with any Disney World ride, Space Mountain is a giant pain to get out of and the only thing I haven't dared to try is Seven Dwarfs, otherwise everything is wonderful.

Anyways, I'm going to Animal Kingdom next month and nervous as all heck about Flight of Passage. I want to ride it so bad.

Dad Answers

Ambo, there is a test banshee outside of the ride you can get on to check. That way you don't have to go all the way to the ride and find out you don't fit.

Aug 01, 2017
"Big Boned"
by: AmazonWoman

Hi! First time at MK here. DH and I are larger both in height and weight. DH 300 and 6"1, me 5"11 and 280. He carries in his belly. I carry EVERYWHERE. I'm concerned about the rides there as we live near Cedar Point and I cannot ride most of their rides. You think I will be ok?

Dad Answers

You will be fine. Disney is very, very Pooh sized people friendly.

Jul 19, 2017
Land vs World
by: Anonymous

Just a friendly PSA, Disneyland SUCKED for me, I Literally just got back and unless pooh shrinks to piglet...im a no go! Go to Disney World!! Ride everything and enjoy your magical experience!!

Jul 17, 2017
by: tara

I have heard dif things about extenders, specifically for Kali river rapids. Are they available? Anyone used one recently? I'm 5'4" and 425 lbs. I fit on soarin in December but want to try Kali and tower of terror in sept.

Jul 03, 2017
I love this page
by: Anonymous

Not planning a trip to Disney world, not sure why I ended up here--but the helpful and fun advice on your page makes me feel much better about the human race and the internet.

And okay, after reading about all these rides I'm thinking maybe I should plan a trip to Disney.

--a Rabbit or maybe Eeyore sized reader

Jul 03, 2017
Pooh sized rider on Banshee ride
by: Anonymous

I am a 5'5" woman weighing approx 265 lbs. I carry most of my weight around my middle so I was terrified of being asked to leave the Banshee ride. I was especially sad because I can ride everything else at Disney comfortably.

To my VERY pleasant surprise however, not only did I fit comfortably on the banshee ride there was no embarrassing double checking of my seat restraints as I had feared. Previous guests mentioned having their back restraints checked for "clicks", but I had none of that. I have a strong suspicion that Disney heard the complaints from guests early on and didn't want to lose their reputation for being "pooh" friendly and so made adjustments to either the seats or the requirements.

Now, I could see that someone 300 lbs or more with a large girth or large calves might have some issues, but there is a test seat to try so you don't endure the walk of shame from the ride. Hope that puts some minds at ease.

Jun 06, 2017
by: Kimberly

Lil Chunk. You may be just fine I attemped to ride yesterday, 6/4/17, and didn't fit. But, then again I and 5'6" 340lbs. My mother is more of your height and weight and she was just fine to ride. There is a test seat there to try before getting on also. Good luck and enjoy my children told me it was great.

Jun 06, 2017
Flight of the Avatar
by: Anonymous

I am 5'8 and 310 lbs and Flight of the Avatar is like sitting on a motorcycle seat. He had to push the back and leg restraints for them to click, but it was not uncomfortable at all and was well worth the wait in my opinion!

Jun 01, 2017
Flight of Passage
by: Yvette

My family and I just returned from Disney. We were at Animal Kingdom at 6:30am the morning Pandora opened. I can tell you that my oldest daughter and I were asked to leave ride because the back brace would only click twice. We were told that they could not be locked and that we would need to leave the ride. I have been able to ride every other ride at Disney. Some were a little snug, but I have always been able to enjoy the rides. A little disappointed that after hours of waiting in line (yes we did have +FP) we were not able to enjoy this ride. Looking around Disney, at least 1/4 or more of the people were Pooh sized. That is a lot of money being spent at Disney for you not to take size into account when building/planning rides.

May 23, 2017
Flight Of Passage - Avatar
by: Lil Chunk

My daughter and I are planning a trip in 2018 (Octoberish). We have some time, but she is super excited about the new Avatar attraction. I'm 5'2 and 260lbs. I'm reading horror stories of people being asked to leave due to not being able to be secured in the seat. Any first hand experiences?? Like I said, we have some time, and I'm working on losing some poundage before the trip, but this trip is super important to her and I both. I don't want anything to overshadow it.

May 09, 2017
Seat Belts?
by: Amy

I went to Universal Studios last year for my 40th birthday and didn't have too much trouble with the rides I chose to ride (not really into roller coasters). But I also avoided rides I thought I would have trouble. Otherwise I only had to do the walk of shame on one, but the employees helping me off thought I was participating in the parent-share ride. There were a couple of the rides that did require seat belt extenders (provided by the park). This year is my friend's 40th birthday, and she's chosen to go to Disney. We're both Pooh-sized--I'm more Pooh than she. Do any of the rides at Disney have seat belts and did anyone need extenders? Did they even have them if needed? And thank you so much for this commentary! It's helped calm me so much and made me more excited for this trip!

Dad Answers

There are quite a few rides that require seat belts. Test Track, Soarin', Tower of Terror, Star Tours, Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur, and probably the new Avatar, a Flight of Passage (since it's the same technology as Soarin'.

Typically the belts are long enough, but if they aren't there are extenders available. You might ask the Cast Member at the entrance if you'll need one.

May 06, 2017
NO issues
by: Anonymous

325 pounds and wear 3XL shirts. Waist is 50"

I just returned from WDW. I rode nearly everything, Everything I rode I fit on with NO issues or embarrassments. Mine Cart was painfully tight it was not worth the 2 hour wait and the 2 bruises on my legs, but I rode without embarrassment.

I can safely say.. go and just enjoy it!

The flight there however was a different story lol.

May 04, 2017
I can breathe.. :)
by: Emmy

I'm so happy I found this blog, because I'm 5'5" weighing in around 260 and I have had to take that dreaded walk of shame before. Ever since that walk of shame, I've avoided roller coasters like the plague. I am going to Disney here in a few weeks with my best friend, and she's never ridden a steel roller coaster.

So, therefore I knew I wasn't going to be able to get out of it. I'm so happy I can finally stop stressing about the issue and take her on the best coasters in the park! Thank you all for your help!!

Apr 30, 2017
Another trip update!
by: Jake

Hey everyone! This is Jake. I commented on this page about a year ago with my experience as a Pooh-sized person at Disney.

Well, I was just at the Magic Kingdom last week, and I weighed about 40 pounds more than I did last year (the struggle is real). As you can imagine, I was a bit nervous because I remembered not having much room to spare on some rides.

This trip reaffirmed my love of Disney yet again! I did not have problems fitting into any rides at all! Even at Space Mountain, I fit comfortably in the ride vehicle. I did not ride the new mine train because, again, the lines were extremely long. But all in all, it was a great trip!

Once again, my only real problem occurred at the Carousel of Progress. I fit into the seats just fine, but I came extremely close to getting stuck in the turnstiles again. I noticed they have a handicapped entrance right next to the turnstile. From now on, I will use that.

I also visited both parks of Universal Studios this time. In case anyone is wondering, those parks are definitely NOT fat-friendly. Unless you're going there to sight-see or experience the shops in the Harry Potter section, I'd avoid Universal Studios.

Go to Disney without fear! It is extremely unlikely that you'll encounter a ride that you cannot fit in.

Apr 26, 2017
Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride
by: Anonymous

My husband has had both knees replaced and has tried twice to ride - just can't do it. He is unable to ride due to inability to bend his knees enough while squeezed together to fit under the lap bar. He is 6' and 270lbs. I don't understand why they have individual lap bars for this ride. It would be fine with a single bar for the car like in Thunder Mountain Railroad. He is able to ride every other ride in all the parks, except this one.

Apr 23, 2017
Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride
by: Tamara Ervin

I was using this page as a reference for my Disney trip this past week. I was nervous to try the Mine Ride, as there were no definitive answers as to who can ride. I am 5'2" and 327, mostly spread out but bigger in the belly. I was able to ride the Mine Ride and am so glad I did. It is an amazing new addition to Disney. It was a bit restrictive, but I was not in any discomfort or pain. I did skip Test Track, as I didn't want to struggle but that was a personal choice. Please just enjoy yourself, it was super fun!

Apr 23, 2017
Rock and Roller Coaster
by: Anonymous

Having been to WDW several times as a Pooh-sized guy (6'1", hovering around 400) I can say I have never had a problem anywhere on property. That being said, I have never ridden RnR coaster at DHS. I had an experience with the Batman (hanging) coaster at Six Flags St Louis. Waited through an hour long line only to get to the front and the over-the-shoulder harness wouldn't lock. Embarrassed in front of all, I did the walk of shame. I worry about the RnR coaster (though not a hanging coaster) for the same reason: the shoulder harness due to the inversions.

Dad Answers

I have not heard any reports of anyone having problems with the shoulder harness not locking. I don't think it works quite the same way.

Apr 18, 2017
Pooh sized
by: Anonymous

My hubby and I are Pooh sized too. He is even dressing with a nod to pooh with ears and all for our day at MK. Kiddo will dress Tiggerish and me with pink and Piglet ears.

Mar 05, 2017
You are almost certainly not too fat to ride
by: Anonymous

DW, Myself and DS were just at Disney World and we had not issues. I am fat at 350lbs and 5'6. I have a 58 inch waist. The tightest fit was Seven Dwarves Mine Train because of how the harness squeezes the sides of your knees. I fit on every ride I tried to get on including Expedition Everest and Mission Space. I didn't not try Rockin Roller Coaster because the son is too short, but I'd ride any ride without fear.

Jan 26, 2017
Help, please!
by: Anonymous

I’m 5’3″ and 330 and carry my weight in my stomach. Can anyone shed light on the lap bars fitting on Expediton Everest, Big Thunder Mtn, Space Mtn, and Mine Train? I’m concerned I won’t fit.

Dad Answers

The lap bars on Expedition Everest and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can adjust to anyone. They come down until they hit resistance. You can't be too big for those (just be careful if you are riding with a small person next to you. The Space Mountain T-bar is the same way. It comes down until it meets your stomach. Getting into Space Mountain is my biggest struggle. As long as you have good mobility you'll be fine.

Jan 15, 2017
Need advice
by: Anonymous

My daughter and her 6'3" 300lb boyfriend will be traveling to Disnryworld in May. He is a football player so he is pretty broad across the chest and pretty muscular thighs. Can any anyone comment if he will have trouble riding any rides ? If so, which ones ? Just wondering if anyone out there is this sized and what their experiences have been. Thanks for any help you can give me !

Dad's answer

The Man-Child is 6' 4"+ and over 280 pounds and has big thighs (he was a catcher and has big legs, kinda like his Dad). He doesn't have any problem with any of the rides. He should be fine.

Oct 30, 2016
Quit worrying and have fun!
by: Anonymous

I'm a female with a large mid section 5'10" and 385 pounds. We rode almost everything but the bigger roller coasters and had no real issues. Seven dwarves was a tight fit because it squeezes your legs together but it was totally worth it. Quit worrying and just have fun planning and doing everything. WDW is VERY fat-friendly! And it's awesome!

Sep 07, 2016
Big dude wanting to have fun
by: Dave

Hope this is alright, but we are actually going to disneyland next month. I'm a very pooh sized guy. 6ft. Hover around 500. I'm worried about the rides there. Does anyone have any experience at disneyland for someone my size? I haven't really found anything online about it that is relatively newer info. Thanks for whatever information you can provide!

Aug 18, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your comments. I'm going in November with my husband and two young children and am embarrassed that I haven't done anything to lose weight and get in better shape. I still have three months I plan to work hard to better myself and lose some weight but I will still be pooh sized in three months even if I starve myself til then. So again, thank you for helping me to realize I'm not alone and to stop beating myself up and just relax and have fun!!

Jul 05, 2016
XXXLT Pooh Size
by: EeyoreFan

Ever since we decided to plan a trip for September 2017 I have been researching this issue. We haven't been to WDW since 1999 and we were both a lot smaller then!

All of these comments have helped to ease my mind concerning my Pooh size on the rides, but I still have one major concern. My brother carries most of his weight at the stomach, and it isn't squishy. He is 6'3" (approx. 315) and wears XXXLT shirts. I am just afraid some of the bars or rides won't accommodate his solid stomach.

Dad's Answer

It will be OK. There aren't really any bars that have to be all that snug. I don't think you'll see any real problems with any of the restraints. Disney really has done a great job of engineering them to fit just about everyone.

May 24, 2016
XXL Pooh Sized
by: Hay

I would just like to say thank you so much for this page!

I did the Disney College Program in 2014 and before I had went, I researched like crazy because I was worried about rides. I don't remember exactly how much I weighed but I think it was around 390-400/5'8", so I was extra worried because in my researching, I found most people who wrote about it to be 50-100+ lbs less than me. Here's my experience if you're a little [or a lot] extra pooh sized.

Everything I rode, I fit on! There were only a few problems, the biggest being Space Mountain. Getting the front seat was a life saver, I think, and the bar easily went down. The biggest problem was getting back out of it afterwards. I was doable with maneuvering but a little embarrassing at times. For Haunted Mansion, the lap bar didn't click at first so i had to suck in/'pull up' my stomach, but it clicked. Test Track and Dinosaur were a little uncomfortable being next to someone and hard to buckle if you sit down first, but easily doable. For some reason, even though I'm not THAT tall, Small World was awful for me. I was the only one in my row, and my legs hurt so bad from hitting the row in front of me. Besides that, everything else was basically a breeze!

2 years later, I'm going again with my friend in a week, and once again, I'm researching like crazy because I have definitely gained some weight since then. I'm worried about TT, Dinosaur, ToT, Soarin', BTM, and Haunted Mansion because 1. I'm afraid my friend who I'm going with will want to sit next to me on some of the 2 seaters and we won't fit, and 2. the seatbelts in general.

After reading a couple of the comments from some xl poohs, I feel better, so thank you for that!! I'm still a little worried but I'm hoping it'll work out!

May 01, 2016
Reply to Anonymous
by: Jake

Hey! The only rides that have turnstiles (that I can remember) are Carousel of Progress, the railroad at Magic Kingdom (NOT Big Thunder Mountain Railroad), the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, and the Liberty Belle riverboat.

Please, do NOT worry about the turnstiles. Most of them are plenty wide even for a big guy like me. The Carousel of Progress can be an issue like I said, but if it is, just use the handicapped entrance. :)

I can't think of any tips for Animal Kingdom. With the possible exception of the Primeval Whirl coaster, I can't think of any rides there that would be a challenge to a plus-sized person. Go without worry! You will have a GREAT time!

Apr 25, 2016
Will my kid fly??
by: KQ

Im 5'10 about 310 Lbs I carry most of my weight in my butt hip and thighs, I guess an Ursula, minus the tenticles and manipulation. im taking my string bean 4 year old daughter im concerned that the lap bars will not secure her on the rides she's 44 inches and loves thrill so im sure she'll want to ride all the rides she can. will the lap bar be a problem?

Dad's answer

There are a couple of rides it might be a little problem, but mostly if there's a lap bar it's not all that big deal. (Like the Haunted Mansion.) If you really need to be restrained, there are individual restraints.

Apr 24, 2016
Disney trip
by: Anonymous

I am going to Disney world in a few weeks. I am about 5''6 and little over 300 lbs I am hearing to avoid seven dwarfs mine train ride. Do you think all the rest of the rides I will be ok with?

Dad's Answer

Yes, you should be able to ride everything including the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It might be a little uncomfortable, but it's doable.

Apr 16, 2016
by: Anonymous

Jake, quick question...what rides had turnstiles? I'm heading there soon and even though I read comments over and over, I'd rather avoid those rides. Any tips on Animal Kingdom?

Apr 14, 2016
Trip review!
by: Jake

Hey everyone! This is Jake from a few comments ago. I just wanted to share my Disney experience as a Pooh-sized person.

This trip re-affirmed my love of Disney! I didn't encounter a single ride on which I could not fit. I didn't ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train because the line was at least 80 minutes long, and I didn't want to use a FastPass+ credit for it because I've heard mostly lukewarm reviews about it.

Let me just go down the list:

Splash Mountain: no issue at all, I easily fit into a seat by myself.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: no problems.

Space Mountain: I was worried about this one. To my surprise, I slid into the seat just fine! I didn't have much (or any) room to spare and the lap bar barely closed onto my belly, but I was comfortable the whole time and rode it more times than I could count!

Haunted Mansion: I noticed a commenter named Jeremiah mentioned the lap bars might make contact with larger bellies. This was definitely true for me. However, I noticed there is some "give" to the lap bar mechanism once it closes. I was even able to lean forward a bit, even with the lap bar on my belly! So no issues there.

Pirates of the Caribbean: No problems. Just make sure the weight is evenly distributed among the boat passengers. Otherwise the boat might list to the side a bit.

Jungle Cruise: no issues.

Under the Sea: no problem. The vehicle is very similar to the Haunted Mansion vehicle, except you actually pull down this lap bar according to your own size. At Haunted Mansion, it closes automatically.

Astro Orbiter: This one was a bit awkward climbing in and out of, but I managed just fine.

Tower of Terror: Only minor issues. If you are big like me, try to sit in an aisle seat. I was usually on the seat next to the wall of the car, so I felt a bit squished against the wall. But the seat is wide enough and the seatbelt pulls out really far. I went on this ride seven times!

Rockin' Roller Coaster: AMAZING!

Star Tours: no issues. If you can fit into a theater-style seat at other Disney attractions (Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, American Adventure, etc.), you can fit easily into this one.

Great Movie Ride: no issues.

Carousel of Progress: I had heard that these seats were notoriously bad for Pooh-sized people, but I had no problem with the seats. It was the darn turnstile at the entrance of the ride that gave me problems! I practically had to hop over it and almost got stuck in it. If necessary, ask a cast member for the handicapped entrance. Otherwise, you might have an audience for your turnstile performance.

Hall of Presidents: no problem.

Test Track: My only issue with this one was finding the seatbelt buckle before the ride started moving. Other than that, it was a bit uncomfortable but nothing worth complaining about. Definitely try it!

Buzz Lightyear: no issues.

Kilimanjaro Safari: bench seat. No problem.

Expedition Everest: AMAZING!

Kali River Rapids: If you are big, try to get a double-seat to yourself. There is only one seatbelt for both seats together and I had to pull it all the way out to fit. Fun, otherwise!

Dinosaur: to my surprise, I had no issues on this ride whatsoever. The seats were nice and roomy, and the seatbelt was fine.

Mission Space: No problems at all! One of my favorite Disney rides.

That about sums it up! If I can think of any other rides I forgot to mention, I'll add another comment. If you are worried about your weight at Disney, seriously, DON'T be! You will have an amazing time!

Mar 09, 2016
Question for my husband
by: Jeanine

My husband and I will be taking a trip to Disney World in May this year. He is having some concern about fitting into the rides there because many other theme parks (Six Flags, Cedar Point, etc.) have presented challenges for him. I've been reading up on multiple sites about this issue and it looks like Disney is quite friendly to plus-sized people, but I wanted to get your input since you seem pretty knowledgeable about this.

My husband's weight currently hovers in the 300-310 range, his pant size is 54", with a lot of his weight in his tummy. However, even though he his a big guy, he does not have any mobility issues. I'm pretty sure he'd have no problem maneuvering himself into rides that require you to step down or climb up or anything of that nature; my only concern is his girth in actually fitting into the seats. Any advice for me to help alleviate his fears?

I know you're probably tired of answering similar questions over and over from so many people, lol! But I just want to help my husband enjoy this trip. Please bear with me.

Dad's Answer


I'm not quite sure what else I can say. Disney is very Pooh people friendly. Jeremiah above just had a good experience and he's close to your husband's size. The only ride your husband might have a problem with is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and that's only because the seats are a little narrow. There is no problem with the restraint bar.

I haven't heard from anyone who couldn't fit into a ride. You say your husband doesn't have any mobility problems everything should be fine.

Mar 07, 2016
My own two cents
by: Jeremiah

Hey everyone,

I went to Disney World in May 2011. At the time I was about 285 pounds and roughly a 50" pant size. I fit in every single ride that I tried! I hit all the big name rides except for the safari ride in Animal Kingdom (bench seat, anyone can fit), Star Tours (ride was being renovated) and Kali River Rapids (line was too long). Space Mountain's seat was wide enough for me. The lap bar didn't come down very far but enough to satisfy the ride operators, lol! Test Track was no problem at all. Tower of Terror either. Dinosaur was a bit snug width-wise but the seatbelt was plenty long and I was not uncomfortable.

The only surprise for me was the Haunted Mansion vehicles. Since my belly sticks out quite far, the lap bar made contact with my belly when it came down. It didn't impede the closing of it, though. Had my belly been much bigger, I might have had to improvise. If you're any bigger than a 50" waist and carry most of your weight in your abdominal region, just be aware that you might have to "suck it in" for a moment to allow the lap bar to close.

Disney is a very size-friendly park. Aside from that minor surprise at the Haunted Mansion, I had no problems. Granted, this was before Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was constructed, so I can't speak for that ride. But as far as the others, go with confidence!

Mar 06, 2016
A Pooh-sized question
by: Peter

I'll be going down to WDW in a few weeks and had a bad experience at ValleyFair here in Minnesota where I tried to ride a roller coaster and the restraint wouldn't lock. My wife just surprised me with booking a trip to Disney World for our anniversary and, while I'm excited and know Disney is known for being size-friendly, this experience up here has me a bit anxious. I'm about 5'7 or 5'8, about 310 pounds, and I think my pant size is somewhere in the 52-54 range (I don't wear jeans anymore because of the bulge in my belly). I've been looking at pictures of certain ride vehicles at WDW (Space Mountain, Test Track, Dinosaur, etc) and it's difficult to tell if they're roomy enough for me. Any advice?

You'll be fine


The rides at Walt Disney World are very friendly to Pooh sized people. You shouldn't have a problem if you can get in and out. (Space Mountain is a big step down and up.)

Mar 03, 2016
quick question
by: Jake

I am going to Disney World next month. I am a 5'7", 305 pound male with most of my weight in my belly and my behind. I'd say I am longer (belly to behind) than I am wide (side to side). I have been reading a lot about being Pooh-sized at Disney and am glad to have found this site but I'm still a little nervous. Do you think I'll fit on rides like Space Mountain and Mission Space? Or all the thrill rides, for that matter? Thanks!

Dad answers

Jake, don't worry, you'll be able to ride all the rides as long as you can get on them. Space Mountain is a big step down, but plenty roomy. Mission Space isn't a problem. There is a over the shoulders restraint, but it's not a problem for Pooh sized people.

Mar 03, 2016
Mine Train Update
by: Anonymous

I'm the one who posted below on 2/25/16 and just wanted to send you a quick update: I fit!! The Mine Train wasn't even uncomfortable and I think someone even heftier than myself could easily fit. I rode everything I wanted to at WDW (Space Mountain, Mission Space, Test Track, Tower of Terror, etc.) without any problem at all & it was an amazing trip!

Feb 25, 2016
Mine Train
by: Anonymous

I'm a pooh-sized female (290 lbs, 5'6", evenly distributed weight) and I'm terrified of not fitting on rides, the biggest worry being the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I've done a lot of research on rides and feel more comfortable but I'm terrified of being turned away from that one. Is it worth a shot? And is there any other rides I should avoid in MK or the other parks? Thanks so much!

Dad's Relax, all will be OK Answer

Hey, (I wish I knew your name so I could speak directly to you), It will be OK. I promise. Disney is not going to turn you away. I've never heard of Disney turning anyone away from any ride except if you aren't tall enough to ride.

I'm a little taller than you, but I'm pretty hippy (or at least I was before I lost a bunch of weight.) You will be able to ride. It will be slightly uncomfortable, but not terrible.

Relax. It's YOU'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. It's going to be fun!

Feb 23, 2016
Help very nervous
by: Anonymous

My family and I are planning a trip to Disney in March.. I've been to MK last year and I rode splash mountain, pooh ride, teacups "which was a bit snug" the haunted mansion, the stitch ride, and a few others.. However this year we plan on going to all 4 parks.. My question is I'm 5'4 and weigh about 330 will I fit on the Rock n Roller coaster, Everest, and BIg Thunder, and Tower of Terror

Dad answers

As long as mobility isn't a problem you should be able to ride them all.

Dec 14, 2015
pooh x 2 size with a toddler
by: Anonymous

I am traveling to Disney with a 2 year old Toddler and I would like to enjoy the rides with him. Will I be able to? This is so nerve racking for me..

Dad's it's going to be fine Answer

I wouldn't worry too much. Any ride a 2 year-old can go on isn't going to be a problem for a Pooh sized person. Most of the rides for younger children have wide seats and/or loose restraints. You won't be able to take them on any of the wild rides, so you'll be fine.

Dec 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

I did not read everything on this posting but bravo! I too am Pooh size and feel better. No judgers!!! Thank you all!

Nov 01, 2015
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your question and answer. Both make me feel much better and less stressed about my upcoming adventure!!

Aug 23, 2015
Pooh sized
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I feel so much better about my trip to Disney. Im 5'6 and 290 lbs. I have been to Universal I rode everything i wanted to ride but that was before Harry Potter stuff was added. Im pretty sure its the same coaster which was called Dueling Dragons. It was tight but was still able to ride. The Hulk rollercoaster was tight fit but still managed. I was at Carowinds in the Carolinas and I cant remember name but there was a rollercoaster that lays you down n go head first. I wouldnt fit. I had a really hard time lowering the searm it was a stand up and adjust to your height. The last person was really tall and they kept saying jump up. I didnt fit but only couple people were waiting at the time. As I walked away dowm the stair trying not to cry. I realized I had my sweat shirt hoodie tied around my waste. It was oct. n might get cool. If I would of took that off I probably would of fit.

Jul 04, 2015
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to toss this out there real quick due to all the hype about the mine train not being "pooh sized" friendly. I just went last week and I am 5'7 and 275 pounds with a 57 inch waist. I was very nervous about riding the mine train because of all that was said about it being smaller. But I tried and I FIT! I think someone a few inches bigger than me could ride it as well. I know a big issue has been fitting your knees into the lap bar. I had at least an inch to spare between my knees and I'm a pretty hefty girl. It wasn't the most comfortable but it was definitely doable.

Jun 09, 2015
7 Dwarfs Mine Train
by: Anonymous

Love your article and how reassuring it is. I'm 5'9 and 275, I know you said the ride is uncomfortable, but is it doable? That's our first ride for our stay next week (fast pass) and I wouldn't want to be denied for the first ride.

Dad's Answer

Go with confidence. You won't be denied. Disney doesn't do that. Yes, you might be a touch uncomfortable (but not too bad), but no one will turn you away.

May 17, 2015
by: Terrilyn

My husband is 6'2, 6'3 and weighs about 320 so I guess he's baloo- sized? LoL.

Next november will be his first time going to Disney World ( we'll celebrating our 2nd anniversary) but it took some convincing because he was worried about fitting into the rides. I went with my family in 2006 and my cousin who was like 6'4 at the time was able to ride a lot of the rides but we'd ask for a car for just our family and he normally had a seat to himself.

On splash mountain he asked to be in the front and crossed his legs, I had to the same as I was heavier back then (5'10 350 lbs but my weight was spread out evenly) and still had enough room for my niece to fit comfortably, I've dropped a lot of weight in 2009 but gained some back since then (315ish) didn't do space mountain cause I was chicken. LoL.

Rode Thunder Mountain again with my niece and the lap bar came down enough to restrain her and was comfortable for me, the only slight discomfort I had was with Mission Space as I have wide shoulders and the over head harness was a little snug on my shoulders but it wasn't bad and I'm definitely riding it again!!!!😊.

Once I told my husband the strategies we used and how I already pretty much picked out which rides to do we shouldn't have any problems and he felt a lot better about it but on splash mountain do you think they would let us have a log with just the two of us? He could sit in the front and if be behind him.

Dad's Answer

The seats on Splash Mountain are side by side and there are 8 in each vehicle. So your plan probably won't work.

Apr 13, 2015
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for posting this. I actually cried knowing that I will be able to enjoy the rides with my young children without tears being shed because I cant fit. Thank you

Apr 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend and I are going to WDW in October and we're both "pooh size" at 5'3 and 5'10 both weighing between 230-300lbs. I'm concerned we won't be able to fit on the rides together. Do you think we'd be better off riding as singles or would we fit on most rides?


Dad's it'll be fine Answer

You will be fine. The rides that let you sit side by side are roomy enough for 2 "pooh sized" people. I speak from experience on this one.

Mar 26, 2015
by: Amy M

On planes I need a seatbelt extender and always sit by my husband for extra seat space and as to not have to put the arm rest down between us. I am 5 ft and 300 lbs and although I went to Disney once never tried a ride as I was too embarrassed that I wouldn't fit.

At another theme park a couple of years ago I went on a ride and the bar automatically came down across my belly and it hurt so much throughout the ride ! Am I really going to fit on the rides in Disney ? Do I need to ask with each ride ?( cause that's embaressing)

How do you know if you fit... Can you pull the bar down to your comfort level etc? Please help..... Nervous Amy

Dad's Answer

Amy, I think you will find that you can ride just about every ride. All of the bars are adjusted by the person who is riding the ride. You shouldn't have to ask anyone.

The only ride that you might want to skip is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The seats in it are not made for wide people (Dad says as a pretty wide person himself.)

I can't think of another ride that will be a problem. Space Mountain is kind of hard to get in and out of, but the others are pretty friendly to larger people.

Mar 16, 2015
great page sir and reassurance!
by: just back

Just quick note. im 5'5 and 400lbs fit everything except 7 dwarf mine train. knee restraint just too narrow. only other issue was navigating out of space mountain but I managed 4 times :-)

Splash mountain my knees were a little crushed but loved the ride.

I was terrified prior to going but I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to be ridung a coaster after all these years. Please dont worry folks you will be just fine.

Feb 22, 2015
Am I too fat?
by: Anonymous

Im 5'3 and weigh 370lbs I have large upper arms would there be any rides for me? anything I should avoid?

Dad's Answer

You should be able to access all the rides as long as mobility is not a problem.

Nov 23, 2014
Up to Date Information
by: Michael

Great information on the site. I went to Disney last month and my experience is below.

Stats: 400+, 6'1", Waist 58-60"

Any ride with a belt - pull belt all the way out first and then sit.


Safari: No issues - bench seat on a bus

Tower of terror - no issues - really long lap belt (I was surprised) - a lot of room to spare. If you can, sit in seat 4 which puts you in the aisle of the ride. A bit more room.

Rock and Roll Rollercoaster - no issues. Pull down bar. Sit in the front seat. If you ask, they will let you. More leg room.

Dumbo: No issues. Lapbelt - plenty of room.

Pirates of Carribean. No belts - no bars - no issues. Knees a bit cramped - sit in middle of boat if possible.

Soarin: Lap belt - no issues except for getting it in the locking mechanism - very low. May need someone to help you if you are XL.

Nemo: No issues. lap bar

Toy Story - no issues. lap bar

Buzz Lightyear -no issues. lap bar

Arial: No issues - lap bar.

Haunted Mansion: No issues. lap bar

Peter Pan - No isssues. lap bar

Space Mountain. Seat was a bit tight - sat in last car - lap bar - a bit snug but got on. Knees were cramped.

Barn stormer - lap bar - a bit snug on bar and knees.

Splash mountain - lap bar - a bit snug and knees were hitting. No other issues.

Mining train - did not go on - notoriously small from what I have read. Friends went on and they said it was tight. Avoid if X-large IMHO.

Small World - knees a bit crunched - no issues. Sat in front of boat.

Great Movie Ride: No issues

Disney Junior Live: Have to sit on floor. Go all the way in to the side by the yellow line. You will have more room. They smoosh you in there.

There are no turnsytles at Disney except for the Disney rail road train which starts at the front of the park. There was one to get on but not off. This was tight and no handicap walk around that I could see. Not sure why they still have a turnstyle there.

Disney is very XL friendly. I was worried when I went but was glad to find this site. Have a great time and don't worry - you have the information you need :-)

Nov 09, 2014
by: Carl

You will be find. The lap bars are pretty Pooh friendly.

Nov 09, 2014
First Trip with the Kids
by: Pooh Sized Momma

Hi, there! We are leaving for Disney in a week and a half with our 2 year old and 4 year old. I am Pooh sized (265 @ 5'7") but have zero mobility issues. I can get myself into and out of any ride at other parks (I'm luckily young and healthy). However, I've never been to Disney before. The other comments here are comforting, but my biggest concern is that most of my weight is in my belly (thanks in part to my two kids), so do you think lap bars will click closed over my belly? I'm not worried about getting into and out of rides, just getting lap bars to close on roller coasters and such. Please lmk so I can enjoy my trip without added anxiety! Thanks!

Oct 27, 2014
What is too big for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?
by: Anonymous

Can you clarify what you mean by "pooh" sized? I read on your site that pooh sized people might have to go in separate rows - but it looks like the seats are divided? My boyfriend and I were able to ride The Little Mermaid Ride and Pirates of the Caribbean fine, but those are so different then a roller coaster. We currently have a fast pass for it, but I'm wondering if we should switch it to something else...

Oct 17, 2014
once in a lifetime
by: Anonymous

My family and I are going to be going to Disney World in March on a trip through Dream Connection. My 7 year old daughter who has leukemia and her twin brother are so excited and I'll admit it so am I. My only reserve is that this will be a trip of a life time for my family and I don't want to make this trip less fun because of my size.. I'm mostly worried about the pull down bars cause my thighs are quite large. But in the next 5 months I plan to diet and hit it hard in hopes that I won't have any issues to worry about by the time we go on our trip..

Oct 15, 2014
Pooh Size
by: John Johnson

To all that want to know I'm just under 6 foot tall and 380 pounds,the last time I went to Disney I was more at 400 hundred plus I did not have a problem riding anything was a little squished on a couple rides but still rode.....Just a note don't go to Universal they don't accommodate.

Oct 08, 2014
Pooh Sized Daddy
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to thank everyone for their honesty. A year ago I bought season tickets to Busch Gardens. When my husband finally got to go with the kids & I (he had been working out of state)he was unable to ride any of the roller coasters with our boys. He felt embarrassed for himself & the kids when he was told he was too big to ride. He is 5'6 & weighs probably 280.

We are planning a trip at Christmas time to the Disney parks, where we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves 4 years ago, but he wasn't quite as heavy. I was super concerned that we would get there & have spent a large sum of $$$ for 6 tickets with the 3 day park hopper passes & him not be able to enjoy the theme park with our boys. From the sounds of it, none of the rides there will be an issue.

I absolutely adore Disney & commend them for realizing that not everyone is built the same & that larger people still want to be able to enjoy their family & the experience of "the happiest place on Earth"!!! Have a magical day!

Aug 21, 2014
large riders on 7 dwarfs mine
by: disney mom

Hi Dad,

I am a tall POOH sized rider & have never had a problem on a WDW ride. I saw some comments that the 7 dwarfs ride has very small seats & may cause an issue. Do you have any info?

Thanks & love your posts!

Dad Answers

It's true. There have been lots of grumblings about the small seats on the Mine Train. Check out Dad's Seven Dwarfs Mine Train page for more details.

Aug 05, 2014
Riding with kids
by: Big Mike

I am going to Disney in a few weeks. I am 5'10" and about 280. My small daughters (6 & 8) want to ride big thunder mountain and splash mountain with me. Will the size disparity be a problem. If I had an arm around them would that be enough to secure them? Thanks!

Dad Answers

You should be fine Mike. Splash is not a problem. Big Thunder, you might have to help whichever one rides with you.

Jul 07, 2014
Thank you
by: Tim

I was searching for info like this and you have more than I had imagined. I now, finally, feel at ease that I will fit on the DW rides with my 7-year-old daughter.

Thank you! :-)

Jun 23, 2014
big & tall
by: Anonymous

hello, I am 6'4 and about 400lbs. I have not fit on rides in the past in Canada's Wonderland. I was just to "big". I am going with my 5 yr old son in two weeks, Do you think I will have any problem with my height + weight?

Jun 10, 2014
Pictures of rides
by: Josie

My family will be visiting Disney World in October. My husband is 500lbs with a 66in waist. We are worried that there may not be many rides he can go on. All the advice we find on line are from people weighting under 400lbs. Is there some where that we can find pictures of the ride seats? We have watched videos on Youtube, but most just show a glimpse of the seat as someone is getting in.

May 14, 2014
Pooh Sized Husband
by: Shai

My husband is a pooh sized person. He is actually close to 400 pounds. We really, really want to take our daughter to Disney World but he is scared he won't fit on any of the rides. Please note we have a daughter that will want him to join her on all the rides. What are the chances of him fitting on at least most of the rides?

He has no physical issues besides the weight such as back, knee & mobility.

Dad's Answer

Shai, you're husband won't have a problem on most rides. There are a couple that have lap bars that might have some issues, but he will be fine on almost all of them.

Apr 15, 2014
Large and Hippie (not in the peace out way)
by: Anonymous

I am glad I stumbled onto this guide to WDW for us larger humans. However, I'm quite large. I've been losing weight and hope to get down to 400 by the time we go around Thanksgiving. I am also partially handicapped and am in a wheelchair (not due to the weight, but other medical reasons which thus caused the weight gain).

I'd like to know what rides, if any, I would be able to do. My issue is my hips, not my belly. Is there a guide anywhere that goes into detail about what rides will fit us really large folk or should I just forget about all rides? I just want to be able to do one or two with my niece and nephew when we go. Plus it would fulfill a dream of mine. I've been to WDW 3 times since I was a child and not once have I ever ridden a ride! NEVER!

Now that I'm going with my niece and nephew I wanted to at least try to do one or two, but have no idea which one's would be ok for me (if any). Any help and suggestions (other than losing weight) would be appreciated!

Dad's Answer

You should be able to find a ride that you can experience to fulfill your dream. I would start with something easy like the Great Movie Ride or the Universe of Energy. Those are both very friendly to disabled people. Then you can work up to a Peter Pan's Flight which stops the ride to load people with mobility issues. There are special vehicles at the Safari that should accommodate you in your chair.

You will be able to experience at least 1 ride. Try talking to Guest Services at the parks and they will point you in the right direction. Make sure you're up to date on the latest Disney Parks Disability Access Service Card. (http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/disney-parks-disability-access-service-card-fact-sheet/)

Apr 12, 2014
I have a question
by: james

I am 255 pounds on my belly trying to lose the weight will there be any rides I cannot ride at disneyworld orlando

Dad's Answer

They're aren't any weight restrictions at WDW.

Apr 05, 2014
Disney is so Pooh friendly
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pooh (maybe a bit bigger), I've been to Disney probably 8 times in the past few years. Like others have said, Space Mountain is the hardest on me. Getting wedged into the ride car wasn't that bad; it was getting out of the ride. Splash Mountain can be a little difficult to get out of (especially if someone is next to you) but that's mainly due to your feet slipping on the wet car! Leg room on It's a Small World is a bit tight I found on my last trip. With the removal of many turnstiles, I've found Disney World is being easier for us Poohs!

Feb 10, 2014
Going This Weekend
by: Anonymous

I'm 320 5'9' and worry about fitting in rides like Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. I really worry about embarrassing myself and the people I'm with. I'm a little more at ease but know my anxiety level will be up once I'm in line. I've been able to do pirates, Aladdin, haunted mansion before. I've just avoided the other stuff. I want my daughter and I to have fun! Hope all goes well.

Dad says ...

Splash is no problem. Nice wide areas, the only problem is stepping in and out. Big Thunder is easy to get into and out of, and shouldn't be a problem. Space Mountain is a different story. It's not made for large people especially if you have mobility issues. I was having some knee problems (I have 2 artificial knees) the last time I tried to ride and had real problems exiting the ride. Might skip that one if you have any mobility issues.

Jan 27, 2014
Please be fair about the scooters!
by: Anonymous

The last time my family went to Epcot, we took my 86 year old disabled grandmother. I had been recovering from knee surgery and was left to push her in her wheel chair the whole day! The rental scooters were out and I saw many young people who weren't disabled just moderatly overwight in them. I think Disney World should be enjoyed by all but would like to see more consideration for everyone.

Jan 25, 2014
Reassuringly wonderful
by: Smileyfacd

Thanks for the comments and I am also pooh size at 5'3/297lbs. Taking our 4 year old for the first time to Disneyland in 3 Weeks. Was afraid I wasnt going to be able to go on any rides. Well I was thinking at least our Little one can. Thanks everyone..I dont feel so alone and out of place now. Disneyland here we come..

Jan 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

I love this article thank you very much it makes my trip to WDW not so worrisome!!!!

Dec 26, 2013
thank you!
by: allison

I am not going to WDW till next year but decided to research this early since i too am pooh sized. i appreciate you sharing this info. i hopefully will be in better shape before going but im happy to know that Disney will accommodate even me! as for universal the harry potter ride complaints are everywhere and it saddens me that i will not even attempt out of being embarrassed. Disney all the way!

Sep 22, 2013
Splash Mountain Lap Bars
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this great article, it's nice to be able to research this sort of thing. I just learned that splash mountain logs now have lap bars. Has anyone of substantial size tested these new logs? I'm 355 lbs @ 5'10" , and I'm visiting MK very soon and Im desperate to find out!

Sep 15, 2013
Big Legs, Little Strength
by: Anonymous

I am going to Disney World in November 2013. I am a Pooh with very big legs. I am concerned about fitting in the rides. I am also concerned about getting out of the rides, especially if you have to sit down into the ride. The last thing I want to do is have the ride delayed for an hour while they search for enough muscle to get me out!

Dad's Answer

You'll be fine on most rides. Most of them have some kind of support where you can pull yourself up. One ride I would really avoid would be Space Mountain and you might avoid the roller coasters. They can all be hard to get out of. Other than that, most rides will be fine.

Sep 01, 2013
by: melody

Thank you for the info. I am going in October to the magic kingdom. i am also pooh sized.

Aug 07, 2012
Pooh Sized
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the comment because like everyone else I am also pooh size and loving it by the way but I do find your comments to be very comforting to say the least. MUAH

May 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

i am a lil bit smaller not much though i am 5'10 and 300 pounds....
i am going to carowinds in a few weeks you said that you could only fit in a few rides can you tell me what rides you didnt fit on and how close you was to fitting

Mar 19, 2012
Universal isn't trying to descriminate sized..
by: Anonymous

Universal isn't trying to discriminate people based on size. It's all based on how the ride was designed. Although, I do think that they need to design virtual experiences for those who can't ride for whatever reason, weight, prosthetic, or simply not tall enough.

Jan 06, 2012
Disney for us big guys
by: Stubdooo

I just came back from Orlando with my family. We spent 3 days in Universal and 5 at the Disney parks. I was able to ride EVERYTHING at Disney. There were no restrictions. The rides have seatbelts instead of bars. The seats are roomy enough for me (5' 11"/300).

Universal was a different story. I was not able to go on most of the rides. The seats are molded, small and have a bar between the legs. Quite "smashing" if you get my drift. Also, most of the rides have a bar or harness that drops down. I didn't fit. Couldn't go on any of the Harry Potter rides, and that was sad.

Jun 23, 2011
Large size
by: Anonymous

I am 6' 4" and come in around 350lbs. I am able to ride all of the rides in all of the parks at disney. A scooter can be your friend when you decide to go around the world at epcot.

Jun 23, 2011
I agree
by: Anonymous

I too am a pooh and unlike theme parks in other countries, Disney does not discriminate against size so you can enjoy the park too.

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