Disney World schedule for March 2010

Disney World schedule for March 2010

by Dan
(Houston, TX)

Hey Dad,

Sorry, this is going to be a long question about our Disney World schedule for our trip in 2010.

I'm a new Disney Dad - we went last year and have a trip planned for the week of March 13, 2010. We had no idea what we were getting into last year and I'm planning much better this year. It's me, the wife, son 9 and daughter 7. Anyway, here's our plan. Let me know if you would change anything, keeping in mind we've already made meal reservations......

  • Friday, March 12 - Arrive late evening and stay off-site.

  • Saturday, March 13 - Arrive at Wilderness Lodge early, check in, go to Epcot (our least favorite park). Dinner at Tuto Italia. Stay for fireworks.

  • Sunday, March 14 - Breakfast at Chef Mickey's at 8:55 AM. Go to Magic Kingdom and stay for as much of late EMH as we can stomach.

  • Monday, March 15 - Try to make early EMH at Animal Kingdom. Tusker House at 5:30.

  • Tuesday, March 16 - Hollywood Studios. Sci Fi Diner at 6:00.

  • Wednesday, March 17 - Animal Kingdom. Boma 8:40 Am breakfast. Stay for late EMH.

  • Thursday, March 18 - Hollywood Studios. Hollywod and Vine at 6:00. Reserved seating for the fireworks.

  • Friday, March 19 - Magic Kingdom. Crystal Palace dinner at 6:00.

  • Saturday, March 20 - start driving home :(

A couple of considerations:

My family and I really liked all the roller coasters and thrill rides and would almost exclusively ride them, given the chance. In fact, my then-6 year old daughter insisted on riding in the front seat of Rock n Roller Coaster for her very first roller coaster ride. Ever.

Daughter and wife like most of the shows, while dad and son liked Indiana Jones and we all liked the Thrill show.

My sister and her husband MIGHT be joining us, so we tried to hit all the parks at least once early in case she's there.

I want to visit Magic Kingdom on the last day. We did this last year and I will never forget watching Wishes with my daughter sitting on my shoulders. It's one of the reasons I convinced my wife to go back.

Couple of questions:

Would you go to any of the parks on different days than we've scheduled?

All the restaurants, other than Chef Mickey's and Tusker, are new to us. We're pretty easy when it comes to food - we're the "the more, the merrier" variety and not food snobs - and will be on the dining plan. Any of these restaurants you wouldn't visit?

Any suggestions and/or changes for us?

Thanks for making this site. I've enjoyed it very much!

Dad's Hard Working Answer

Dan, congratulations on becoming a new Disney Dad. It's a great life. Oh, and thanks for the kind words about the site.

First your Disney World schedule.

There is one glaring thing I would change. On Sunday the 14th you plan to be in the Magic Kingdom and do Extra Magic Hours. They start at 11 pm and go until 2 am. Then on Monday the 15th you are going to be in the Animal Kingdom at 8 am. In Dad's humble (OK, maybe not so humble) opinion that's a recipe for disaster. Here's my suggestion.

Stick with the Magic Kingdom on the 14th. Stay up as late as everyone wants. Then on the 15th go to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Don't even try to be there before noon (2 would be better, you'll be back on Thursday). By Monday morning everyone will need some rest. I checked the Disney web site and you can still get a reservation at Sci-Fi Dine Inn on Monday.

That's the only glaring issue I see with your schedule. It looks good.

About the restaurants...

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


I wouldn't really change anything. There are a couple we haven't tried yet, but I haven't heard anything glaringly bad about any of the ones you've chosen.

Dad's Bottom Line

Overall your Disney World schedule for March looks really good. I hope you have a great time. Make sure to come back and share your experiences.

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Dec 18, 2009
by: Dan

Thanks for the reply, Dad. And yes, Mrs Mom, you're welcome to come with us. You'll just have fight one of my kids for a bunk bed at the Wilderness Lodge!

We were trying to get to Animal Kingdom during early EMH to try and get on the safari early. We were told the animals are often up and about in the earlier morning hours and they're more often resting later in the day. We might have to re-think our schedule based on what you said.

We're hoping since most of the country is not yet out for Spring Break the week of March 13 that the crowds will be low. That, and the economy. It seemed pretty crowded last year, although we didn't have anything to compare it to. Has anyone said anything this year about crowds being down?

Thanks for your reply and your web site. Keep up the good work!

Dad's Crowded Answer


Mrs. Mom thanks you for the invitation, but bunk beds aren't really her style.

I've read and heard the same thing about the animals at Animal Kingdom. There isn't any real difference between 8 am and 9 am. The extra hour doesn't really make any difference except for the crowds. It's the afternoon when the animals seem to slow down some.

On to the crowd thing. The crowd numbers in 2009 weren't significantly lower. Disney is still running the 4/5 gets 2/3 free promotion. That will draw crowds. I don't see the numbers coming down significantly through the summer.

Sorry to say that even early March the Disney World crowds will be significant. You can see Disney is expecting big crowds by the hours they are advertising for that time.

Just make sure you get to the parks early. Ride the big rides as soon as you can and you'll be fine. Enjoy your stay and let us know how it goes.

Thanks again,
Dad (and Mrs. Mom)

Dec 13, 2009
Happy Birthday to Me!
by: Mrs. Mom

My birthday is March 12!!!!! Can I come to WDW with you?????

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