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Disney World – SeaRaycers (Mouseboats)


Dad in a Mouseboat a long time ago

Dad in a Mouseboat a long time ago

One of the things we always try to do during warm weather is rent the Sea Rayers (used to be called Mouseboats) at the Polynesian Resort boat dock and spending 30 minutes driving them around Seven Seas Lagoon. We try to splash each other and race each other and generally have a great time. The Sea Raycer is a spiffy little 2 mini-power boat that flies across the water at a blazing speed of around 57 kph (or 30 mph).


Here’s “the story”.

We needed a break from the parks. We’d been going strong for a couple of days and it was time for something new. I had read about something called a Mouseboat that could be rented at the Polynesian or Contemporary boat docks. (This was before there were any other Disney hotels.) Being that I was a Polynesian snob in training, I persuaded Mrs. Mom to monorail over to the Poly and get a little wet.

We got to the dock and the nice guy there said, “we close in 45 minutes, we just have time to get you out.” Perfectly timed on my part.

We got our beautiful, color-coordinated (both were orange) life-jackets and off we went.

We puttered around for a while then we started racing each other. I was winning of course (she lets me), and in a few minutes I looked back and didn’t see her.

I figured she was hiding on the other side of the island and started that way. No Mrs. Mom. I kept going around the island. No Mrs. Mom. I started heading back toward the dock. No Mrs. Mom. I was starting to panic.

Finally I spotted her, she had run out of gas and some hunky, young shirtless guy in a speedboat was pulled up to her Mouseboat and changing her gas tank. “Happens all the time” he said. “They’re supposed to check the gas before they rent them, but…”

When we got back to the dock the attendant offered us 30 free minutes the next day, but we were flying home. Too bad. Mouseboats rocked.

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