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Dad's Disney World Spreadsheet

Looking for a Disney World Spreadsheet. You've come to the right place.


Dad has a couple of them for you. First is Dad's Disney Dining Plan Spreadsheets. Dad's Handy Dandy Travel Scoresheet which allows you to see if a Disney Dining Plan makes sense for your vacation.



The second on is Dad's Handy Dandy Travel Spreadsheet. It's a comprehensive guide to finding prices on Disney World Travel. Check them out.

Dad's Dining Plan Spreadsheets

Disney Dining Plans are built to make Disney money. There I said it. They are not designed to save you money. You can save money using Disney Dining Plans, but most people don't.


Dad's developed a tool to help you decide if a Disney Dining Plan will save you money on your vacation. It's a Disney World Spreadsheet that compares what you would actually spend with the cost of a Disney Dining Plan.


There are three versions, one for each of the major Dining Plans.


Click on the following link to download the Excel spreadsheet.

Quick-Service Plan Calculator

Standard Dining Plan Calculator

Deluxe Dining Plan Calculator

To use the calculator, choose the number of nights of your trip at the bottom of the page and begin filling out the information. (If your trip is more than 7 nights, you can use combinations to complete your trip.)


At the bottom of the page there is a link to all of the menus.


For more information about Disney's Dining Plans and the calculators go to

Dad's Guide to Disney Dining Plans

Dad's Disney World Travel Spreadsheet

Dad's Handy Dandy Travel Spreadsheet is an Excel spreadsheet. You can download it by clicking below.


Click here to download Dad's Disney World Spreadsheet


Feel free to make as many copies as you want. It's free.


Once you open the file, go to the main page. The main page includes links to all of the helpful travel pages in the Disney World spreadsheet.


The information on the Main Page is optional and is there for your benefit.

  • Enter your name, or the name of your group where it says - Enter your name here.
  • Enter the dates of your trip.
  • Enter the number of adults and children.

This information will transfer to subsequent pages.


The Prices - Piecemeal section will fill in with information from the other pages in the Disney World spreadsheet. This will give you the price, for your trip, if you make separate reservations for the individual items. It will also give you a way to check piecemeal prices against package prices.

The Package Price section takes a little work. (Check out Dad's guide to Disney World packages here.)

  • Start by checking prices on
  • Call a friendly neighboorhood Travel Agent, and ask them for prices
  • Enter the prices in the Scoresheet
    • make sure you know what the package includes


To get prices on flights click on the Flights to Orlando link. This page will walk you through the steps to find the best price on flights.

  • The top portion will fill in from the Main Page of the Disney World spreadsheet.
  • Under the columns Provider and Flight Information you can enter any information you want to help you with your flights

If you decide to fly - enter the price of the flights in the bottom box. This will transfer to the Disney World spreadsheet Main Page.


If you are thinking about driving and want to compare prices with flying, you can fill out this handy little Disney World spreadsheet and Dad will help (that's what Dad's do).

Start with filling in the cost of gas section

  • Figure the number of miles
    • Link to Google maps - Just put your address in A
    • Remember to double the number of miles
    • Google maps allows you to adjust the route by dragging the current route to a different highway.
  • Go to this website really cool website
    • Fill in your starting point, then enter Lake Buena Vista, FL as your destination. (Most of Disney World is in Lake Buena Vista.)
    • Enter the year, make and model of your car.
    • If you click on Advanced options you can select several options, but the most helpful will be the Driving Directions.
  • will actually show you the best places to get gas. (This is another website you might want to bookmark.)


Food prices are calculated automatically using the number of adults and children you entered in the Main Page of the Disney World spreadsheet.

  • Make sure you enter the number of days you will be on the road.
  • You can change the per day price of food.
  • The total is calculated and added to the Price to drive.

The Price to drive section totals up all the individual selections.

  • Gas is figured from the cost of gas section
  • There are 2 lines for hotels. Go to Hotel 1 and Hotel 2 pages to enter the information. It will automatically transfer.
  • Every time we stop, someone needs a Coke or a candy bar, so I've added $7.00 per person per day for snacks.
  • If you plan to stop along the way and see one an attraction to break up your day, enter the total cost here.

The subtotal adds all the ingredients together. If you decide to drive, you need to enter the cost in the Total if driving box so it will transfer to the Main Page.


There are 4 hotel pages in Dad's Handy Dandy Travel Scoresheet. Why's that you might ask. Here's the answer, it's to give you flexibility. If you're driving you can use Hotel 1 and Hotel 2 for the hotels on your trip. The Disney Hotel Page can be used if you are staying in one of the Disney Resorts. The Orlando Hotel Page is for those staying at other hotels in Orlando, or if you wanted to slip off to the other theme park in Orlando, like we did.


The Hotel Pages let you input all the information you need for your reservation.

  • Enter the arrival date
  • Enter the number of nights
  • Enter the name of the hotel.
  • Go to Dad's Hotel Finder Page and follow the instructions to find the best price for hotels.

When you find the price you want, enter it in the last box so it transfers to the Main Page.


If you are going to rent a car in Orlando, fill out this section.

  • Start by entering the pick-up date and the return date. (You can actually pick up cars at the Disney World Resort. See Dad's Rental Car page for more details.)
  • Go through the process of finding the lowest prices on rental cars found in Dad's Orlando Rental Car page.
  • Once you have the price you want enter it in the last box and it will be transferred to the Main Page of the Disney World spreadsheet.

Time to price/buy tickets.

  • Enter the number of days at each park. (It's only for your use.)
  • Go to Dad's Disney World Ticket page and to get prices for your Disney Tickets.
  • Enter the results under Tickets. The total will transfer to the Main Page.

Dad has added 5% for miscellaneous expenses. We usually spend more than we plan at Disney World. You can edit this field to make it match your spending habits.

Dad's Planning Spreadsheet

Coming sometime in the near (relative term) future...


Dad's Amazing Park Planning Disney World Spreadsheet.


Dad will help you plan your day. Choose which rides everyone MUST ride and which can be easily skipped. Look at all the restaurants and plan you daily meals.


You won't want to miss this.


(If I ever get it done.)