Disney World Spring Crowds

Disney World Spring Crowds

by Steven

Hi Dad,

Love your site!!!

I am also a Dad, but since living in Belgium, so far I had to deal with Disneyland Paris. We (wife and 2 kids, 11 and 8) are planning a holiday in the USA next year, probably Easter break. This is April 2-16, Easter Sunday being April 4.

First week we are planning NY but the second week (april 8-16), we want to spend at Disney (All Stars Movie Resort).

What do you think crowds will be in this week?
Our other option was spring break but that when you are having presidents day, I guess crowds can be a problem then too?

Of all the value hotels, which do you prefer?
Thx a million and again, love the site, already found a lot of useful information.

Dad's Useful Reply


Thanks for the question about Disney World Spring Crowds, it's a real good one.

Historically, February (around President's Day) is not very busy. It's not near as busy as the second week of April. The whole month of April is very busy at Walt Disney World. Most American schools have spring break during late March or April. This really effects Disney World Spring Crowds.

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Go ahead and make your reservations, but make sure you check back in a few weeks and see if Disney has a promotion for the spring. Last year they had buy 4 days get 3 free (very similar to the current specials Disney is advertising). You'll save a bunch of money.

As for Value Resorts, Dad prefers Disney's Pop Century Resort. It's the newest of the Value Resorts. Disney learned some lessons from the All Star Resorts and applied them to the Pop Century. The food court at the Pop Century is much better than the All Stars, and the bus service is better.

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Steven, I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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