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Disney World Strike

by Allison

Dad, how much do I need to know about a possible Disney World strike you mentioned in your blog? Our travel dates are November 15-20. By the way, thanks for settling the debate I was having in my mind a month or so ago about which double stroller is best at WDW. The wheels on my tandem stroller are quite literally greased and ready to go-providing that the happiest place on Earth doesn’t become the most disappointing place on Earth due to a strike!

Dad’s your guess is as good as mine Answer


Glad to help with your stroller debate. When you get back, let us know how it worked.

Now about that upcoming Disney World strike …

First, let me say, I’m not a Disney executive or a member of any union so I’m just guessing at what’s going to happen. So here’s my guess.

My guess is it will be something like the Tsunami in Hawaii this year. (Which we happened to be in Honolulu for.) It will end up being much ado about very little. It’s my guess that both sides will bluster and threaten but when it comes down to going on strike, it won’t happen at the parks. Maybe some of the hotels, or some of the transportation will. But not a general strike that will cripple Disney World. It would be too much bad publicity.

But again, that’s just my guess. I wouldn’t expect anything happening until after the New Year, so your vacation should be fine.

Comments for Disney World Strike

Jan 06, 2011

January Disney World Strike

by: Anonymous

If a strike happens at Disney World it will mid January. Disney and their unions aggreed to put off and extended the contract till after all there holiday period.

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