Disney World the whole sha-bang!!

Disney World the whole sha-bang!!

How can I get the best deals on everything for a family of 5? I mean at Disney World the whole sha-bang. We're wanting to stay at the Polynesian. I stayed there every summer as a child with my family and want my boys to have the most memorable vacation ever. The problem is We would not like to break the bank in doing so!!

We're wanting to do the theme parks, water parks, and more. Where do I find the CHEAPEST prices? Do I go through Disney packages or buying all I need separately? Thank you in advance for hopefully saving a family of 5 a few pennies!!

Dad's it depends on when you're going Answer

Dad would love to help you find the whole sha-bang at Disney World.

First, you'll need to find a great Disney World Travel Agent. (Dad is one of those, but is currently on hiatus.) Today, I'd recommend Mousefan Travel. Hopefully, by the summer, Dad will have a brand new setup (it's looking better everyday) where he'll be able to handle your trip for you.

A good Disney Travel Agent will price all the pieces of your trip and compare that with Disney's package. It used to be that there was a big difference, but these days, the package and the components are virtually the same price.

You can save some money by buying your tickets from a ticket broker. BUT don't buy them from just anyone. Make sure to buy tickets to Disney World from an authorized and reputable dealer.

If you can go during the off seasons, you'll save the most money. Don't buy park hoppers that will save you $50.00 per person. Only buy the waterpark and more option if you are sure you'll go to the waterparks more than once, or if you are going to one waterpark and Disney Quest. (Another $50.00 per person.)

Staying in the Polynesian will not save you any money. Yes, Dad loves the Polynesian, but it's getting real pricey (as are all the monorail resorts). So save your pennies. You'll need them.

Dad's Polynesian Resort page

Dad's Bottom Line

If you are going this year, go ahead and make your reservations. If you are going to wait until next year, keep checking with Dad. There are some interesting things coming.

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