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Disney World Ticket Prices

Who can figure out Disney World ticket prices? Should you buy an Annual Pass? Is the Magic Your Way Ticket a good deal? Which Disney World admission media is right for your family?


Dad'll help.


Disney has several ticket options you can choose from. They can be very confusing. The primary ticket people buy is the Magic Your Way Ticket. It's Disney's primary admission media. If you buy a ticket at the gate you'll get a Magic Your Way pass on a paper card. If you buy a Disney vacation package, you'll get a Magic Your Way pass added to your MagicBand.


Expedition EverestYour ticket to THRILLS - Photo by Judd Helms<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Magic Your Way

The most common Disney World ticket is the Magic Your Way ticket. This pass entitles you to one entry to one park per person per day for the length of the pass. These passes expire 14 days after the first use or after you the number of days are used (whichever comes first). You can buy up to 10 days of admission on one pass.


Disney World ticket prices become more economical the longer you stay. For example, a 3-day Magic Your Way ticket costs $289.00 for an adult. A 7-day ticket costs $410.00. That's only $129 more dollars for 4 more days.


The moral to this story is: take longer vacations.




Magic Your Way Price Chart

Here are the Disney World ticket prices for the base Magic Your Way ticket and the Park Hopper Option. You can also upgrade to a Park Hopper Plus option which we'll talk about more in a bit. Single day tickets are subject to a complicated price system that involves which park you're going to and how busy it is projected to be.


Children are ages 3-9, and kids under 3 are free to enter the parks. Taxes are extra.


With Park Hopper
1-day (Magic Kingdom) - Value Season $107/$101 $162/$156
1-day (everywhere else) - Value Season $99/$93 $162/$156
1-day (Magic Kingdom) - Regular Season $115/$109 $170/$164
1-day (everywhere else) - Regular Season $107/$101 $170/$156
1-day (Magic Kingdom) - Peak Season $124/$118 $174/$168
1-day (everywhere else) - Peak Season $119/$113 $174/$168



Add an option

There are 2 options (other than the never expire) that you can add to your Magic Your Way ticket. They are the Park Hopper option and the Park Hopper Plus option. Here are the details.


Test TrackHang on for FUN! - Photo by Cliff Wang

Park Hopper

The base ticket is for one park on one day. Even if you have extra days, once you activate your ticket in a park you can't go to another park.


The Park Hopper option allows the bearer to have access to multiple parks on the same day. In fact Dad's family goes has a Roller Coaster day each trip where all we do is go from park to park riding roller coasters all day. (It's Mrs. Mom's least favorite day of the trip.)

Park Hopper Plus

The Park Hopper Plus option allows access the following: Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Oak Trail Golf Course (9 hole), ESPN Wide World of Sports CompleX. It allows for one entrance to one of these extra venues per day for the length of the pass which can actually double the length of time your passes are good (all passes expire 14 days after 1st use). For instance, if you bought a 5 day ticket with Park Hopper Plus you could go to the parks on your first five days then to the water parks, golf, etc. on your last 5 days. Or, alternate park days and non-park days. of course, you can also choose to double up and visit a park and one of the bonus locations on the same day.


Big Thunder Mountain RailroadThe Wildest Ride in the Wilderness - Photo by Mike Billick

Get some help

Confused about Disney World Tickets? What would be best for your family? Why not get some professional help (no, I'm not being mean). Let my friends over at Destinations to Travel help you choose the Perfect ticket for your trip. They are experts in everything Disney and would love to work as you plan your perfect vacation.


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Annual Pass

An Annual Pass allows guests unlimited access to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom for a 365 day period from the date of activation. Passes can be purchased in advance and activated at the gate.

Dad's Annual Pass page

Annual Pass Price

The Disney World Ticket Prices for an Annual Pass are:

  • The Platinum Pass (theme parks only) costs $779
  • The Platinum Plus Pass (theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports, Oak Trail Golf Course) costs $869

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Florida Residents

If you are a resident of the state of Florida, congratulations or condolences. Your ticket options are almost unlimited. You can buy special day passes, annual passes, after hours passes and more.

To get a look at the wide array of passes for Florida residents, check out Disney's Florida Resident passes.


To see the history of prices on Disney World tickets go to Dad's History of Disney World Ticket prices page


Rock n' RollercoasterDad's Favorite - Photo by Wayne Wood

Biometric Scan

For the last several years, Disney has required all pass users to match their fingerprints with their passes. It's a good thing to make sure you have your own ticket, and that you trust the source you purchased it from.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Disney World ticket prices have steadily increased ever since Uncle Walt got rid of the ticket books. It's a natural thing. Disney usually has a couple of price increases every year, so if you have made plans for a Disney World vacation, it's probably a good thing to go ahead and buy your tickets.