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Disney World Tickets on Ebay

by Priscilla Smith


I saw some Disney World tickets on Ebay from seller justice645. He has really good prices. Saving of at least $50.00 per ticket for 6 tickets. With hundreds of buyer reviews. Have you had anyone with bad experiences of purchasing from ebay?



Dad’s it’s not worth the risk Answer




Justice645 may be a perfectly legitimate seller and you might get exactly what you paid for through eBay. For me it’s just not worth the risk.


I went over to check out Disney World tickets on eBay and looked up justice645. Sure enough he has a pristine seller rating and looks like he has all the Disney tickets you could want. I have no problem with justice645.


But, when I went to a legitimate, Disney approved ticket broker and compared prices, guess what? The legitimate, Disney approved ticket broker won. Yes, it was only by 10 cents, but it was cheaper to buy the tickets through a very well know company with a good reputation that has a store front in Orlando. Imagine that.

Dad Recommends Undercover Tourist


(I compared the 6 day Magic Your Way base tickets that eBay had for $520.00 with the same tickets from Undercover Tourist which sold for $519.90. Those were the only tickets I compared.)


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Priscilla and all who are looking for cheap Disney World tickets … Please, order your tickets from legitimate Disney approved ticket dealers. It’s not worth getting to Walt Disney World and having to deal with Disney Security (like the people we talked about earlier this week who bought tickets from a scam website. Dad highly recommends you buy your discounted tickets from Undercover Tourist.


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