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Disney World Tickets

Here's everything you need to know about Disney World Tickets. Yes, everything. From prices to which one you need.


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There's lots to know about your tickets for your vacation. That's where Dad comes in. Below you will find everything you need to know about purchasing tickets for you Magical Vacation.


magic kingdom entranceWelcome to the most magical place on earth - Photo by Rich Ramos.

Disney World Ticket Prices

The first thing everyone wants to know is how much tickets will cost. That's pretty natural. So what will your ticket cost? Thought you'd never ask. From single day tickets to multi-day passes to the Park Hopper add-on, Dad's got you covered...

Dad's Disney World Ticket Price page

Disney World Tickets for the Military

First of all, let Dad say, thank you for your service. Disney does have ticket discounts for both eligible members of the military. They also have discounted hotel rooms available along with a resort that is totally dedicated to military families.


Dad's Disney Military page

Annual Passes

Annual Passes are great for those that will be at Disney World more than once in a year, or will stay more than 10 days (the length of the longest Magic Your Way Ticket). A Disney World Annual Pass comes with some perks that you should really check out if you're staying outside of Walt Disney World.

Dad's Disney World Annual Pass page


magic your way ticketsMagic Your Way tickets are the most popular ticket option at WDW.

Where to buy your tickets

There are lots of places where you can buy tickets. The main place is from Disney itself. However if you are only looking for a ticket (not a package) you can save some money buy buying from Authorized Disney Ticket Sellers.

Dad's Cheapest Disney World Ticket page

Dad recommends the Official Ticket Center. They are authorized by Disney to sell tickets and can save you A LOT per ticket.

Dad's Official Ticket Center page

Where NOT to buy

Disney Tickets are available from just about everyone. There was a time, and maybe you still can, where you could purchase them at Wal Mart.


All of us are looking for ticket deals or cheap tickets. This makes us open to scams. It's natural. We want a good deal. Tickets are expensive and getting more expensive all the time.

Dad gets a question about a ticket scam


Some of the scams are pretty easy to spot, like the one above, but some are innocent. In Dad's humble opinion (see what Dad thinks about IMHO) -




Did you get that?

Where NOT to buy tickets!

A little advice

The first thing to do when you buy Walt Disney Tickets is make a few copies of your receipt and the tickets. Take the copies on your vacation. Stick a copy in the backpack, a copy in a wallet, a copy with the tickets, a copy in your waistband. Or snap a couple pictures on your smartphone.


You get the idea. Be sure you have a copy any time you enter a park. You never know when gremlins will demagnetize the magnetic strip on the back of the cards or when you might lose your MagicBand. You'll have a easier time at Guest Relations if you have a copy of the receipt or if you have linked your ticket to your My Disney Experience account (which you really, really should).


(Oh, yeah, make sure you have the credit card you used to purchase the tickets with you too.)

History of Disney World Tickets

Disney's history of ticket prices in pretty interesting. For instance, did you know that prices for tickets didn't change from the time Disneyland opened until after Epcot opened? Check it out.

Dad's History of Disney Tickets


An old 5 day Disney World ticket

Dad's Bottom Line

Disney World Tickets are a big ticket item. It's sad but true. I think Uncle Walt probably turns over in his grave every time Disney raises ticket prices. (Uncle Roy, on the other hand, grins from ear to ear.)