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Disney World Transportation, Grocery Store and Jogging Trails

by Christian
(cloudy Germany)

Hi Dad,

Christian from Germany here again..

now there are only a few days left until our vacation to Disney World and I have again questions.

First about Transportation. I made a reservation in the “Artist Point” Restaurant in the Fort Wilderness Lodge. The reservation is for around half past 9. When our dinner is over, how to come back to our Hotel (All Star Sports)?? We don’t have a car and I bet the Disney Transportation System is already sleeping then. Can we take a taxi from the hotel? Or do I have to cancel the reservation because there is no way to get to our hotel again?

Second Question. How far is the next supermarket or grocery store? I heard theres something like a supermarket just a short walk from Downtown Disney, is that right??? Whats its name?

Next and last question: What about Jogging Trails around the All Star Sports Resort? Is there a path where we can run around a little in the morning?

Thank you for your answers in advance.
and sorry for my terrible English which I learned in school…why don’t you speak german? 😉

The English Version of Dad’s Answer from Sunny Oklahoma

Sorry, but my only lessons in German came from Hogan’s Hero’s. So your English is a lot better than my German.

About your questions.

Disney World Transportation. Wilderness Lodge (make sure you go to the Wilderness Lodge and not the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, they are very diffferent) to the All Stars might be a little tricky, but here’s a couple of ways it should work. You can get a cab. There are always cabs hanging around “for just such an occasion” (to quote a famous non-Disney character).

Disney buses will run until 2 hours after the Magic Kingdom closes. If you are going to Artist Point on a Tuesday, Thursday of Friday, Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party will be going on until midnight. If you go on any other night, the Magic Kingdom closes at 9. So, you should be OK to take a bus. When you arrive at the Wilderness Lodge (which by the way, if a beautiful place) ask someone, they’ll be able to tell you.

About the grocery store. There is not a grocery store within walking distance of Walt Disney World. There are 3 that are about 2 to 3 miles from Downtown Disney, but nothing within easy walking distance. Sorry. Here is anonline Grocery Shopper that delivers to all of the Disney Resorts. I have never dealt with this group, and I’m not in a position to recommend them. It’s just an option.

Destinations to Travel


Jogging Trails. You will be able to jog around the All Star Resorts. I’m not sure about established trails (Dad’s a very gifted exercise avoider), but you can ask at the front desk.

Dad’s Bottom Line

I hope you have a great time and thanks for checking our site out. Make sure to come back and tell us about your trip.

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