Disney World trip in Late August (2011)

Disney World trip in Late August (2011)

by Bill R.
(Mashpee, MA)

Hi Dad! As another Dad who has visited Disney World 10 times, this will be my first time venturing to my favorite place in late August with my 9-yr. old daughter so I don't have to take her out of school during my favorite times (Oct., Nov. or May). I know it will still be hot but can you lend any advice on the possible crowds for the last 2 weeks in August? I see some specials being run for this time frame so I am assuming it will be moderate. Any other issues for a Disney World trip in Late August (2011) that you can let me know about? Thanks - Bill

Dad's the only problem will be Answer

Bill R.,

What a great way to end the summer. a Disney World trip in late August. As for crowds, the later you go, the smaller the crowds. Crowds dwindle almost daily as August progresses. By the end of the month crowds are light almost every day.

Dad's August Disney World Crowds page

Now, as to temperatures, they don't go down quite as quickly as the crowd levels do. It will be hot, it will be humid, it will be hot, it will be humid. We went the first week in August one summer and vowed never to do that again. If your ready for it, you should be able to stand the temperatures.

Dad's Bottom Line

While a Disney World trip in late August may not appeal to the old man (Dad), it's a good time crowd wise and money wise to visit Walt Disney World. You'll have a great time ... Trust me.

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Feb 03, 2011
Went to Disney World Aug 2010
by: KG

I took my 9 year old daughter to Disney World for our first time last August and since we have never been there before cannot compare the crowd issue to other times.

Overall we did all the Parks and Waterparks for 10 days and had very little issues with wait times etc. for rides, food service, line ups etc. (in fact did not make any dinner reservations at all and had a max. wait time in the Disney Character dining room at Magic Kingdom of about half an hour! so we went there twice). Waterpark line ups were probably the longest during the hot afternoons.

We had a torrential downpour almost every day (but still so warm) and as many rides etc. would close down during this time, some did not right away therefore line ups for some of the cool roller coasters like Everest at Animal Kingdom had minimal line ups so we would end up going on time and time again with hardly a wait in between! Dining at nice restaurants at Epcot had shorter wait times if you went earlier (4:30-5:00 pm ish) compared to even 6pm and later.

Universal Studios (1 day pass so whirlwind to see the Harry Potter World etc.) was a totally different experience in terms of crowds - absolutely packed and waited about and hour and half to get on the Forbidden Journey (I think that was the main ride at the castle?) - long line ups for butter beer and pretty much everything but the coasters and rides were incredible and WELL WORTH EVERY SECOND of waiting! Considering it had just opened a few months prior though one would expect it to be crowded.

Would recommend a couple of days there though to see most of it. If you want any other information let me know...happy to share. We had such an amazing time I am looking to take us back for the last 2 weeks in August this year! I can see it being a place we go back to for sure!

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