Disney World Vacation help

Disney World Vacation help

by Jennifer
(Tonawanda, NY)

We're going to be going to Disney World on the 7th thru the 12 of December and need some help figuring out what days to go to which parks. We'll be in the park on the 8th-12th and our plan as it stands now is Magic Kingdom (with Liberty Tree Tavern dinner), Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and the last day we'll do one park again.

What do you think of this schedule? Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure to check out the Hotels

Walt Disney World Vacation help includes a note to visit the hotels

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Dad's you almost got it Answer

Jennifer, boy oh boy! All these questions about Christmas time at Walt Disney World are really getting Dad into the spirit of the season. You are in for a special treat – it is Dad's favorite time to visit the most magical place on earth.

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As if that weren't lucky enough, you're going to be there while the crowds are still manageable. This is great news, it means you’ll have plenty of time to see what you want to see at each park and still have time for all those special extras that make Christmas time at Walt Disney World so memorable.

Since the crowds won't be too overwhelming, you could go to any park on any day and make it work. Your schedule sounds fine, but I think I can help make it a little better.

Starting your trip off at the Magic Kingdom is Dad's favorite way to start any Walt Disney World vacation. It sets the tone for your whole trip and helps get the family in the mood for fun and whimsy. Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern is an extra special touch – a perfect meal for the holiday season.

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On the December 9, instead of heading to Animal Kingdom, I'd head to Disney Hollywood Studios instead. Animal Kingdom is typically the least popular of the parks, and is best saved for weekends, which are busier across the board.

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On December 10, head over to Epcot since you'll have visited Disney Hollywood Studios already. Epcot is the larger of the two parks and so even though the weekend crowds might be larger, there will be more space for them to spread out. Plus, with longer park hours you'll have more time to explore.

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On December 11, visit Animal Kingdom. This park is perfect for a leisurely Sunday and a nice relaxing way to recharge for the final day of your trip.

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On December 12, play it by ear! Decide with your family which park you want to spend more time in, and then do that! If it were up to Dad, the Magic Kingdom would make a grand finale, but each family is different. Throw caution to the wind decide spur of the moment! I've even seen families simply choose whichever park has the first bus to show up at the resort in the morning. Dad’s not quite THAT spontaneous.

Whatever order to decide to conquer the parks, I recommend you head over to Touringplans.com. They can help before your trip determine specific crowd levels, park hours, and provide you with suggested touring plans. They also have a real cool mobile app you can use inside the parks to monitor lines and make the best use of your time!

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Jennifer, this is a great time of year to visit Walt Disney World. Whichever days you decide to spend at the parks, you’ll find manageable crowds and loads of Christmas cheer.

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