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Disney World Water Parks


by Mike


Hi Dad,


We have been Disney Vacation Club members for several years and travel to Disney at least once a year and sometimes twice. We have never been to the but have always wanted to go.


We are going back in August and can’t decide on which water park to visit. My daughter just turned 8 and is not a very strong swimmer. She is also very tall for an 8 year old. What park would you suggest? Thanks

 - Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach Photo by Anthonut

Dad’s not my favorite but Answer



Welcome to a fellow Okie. It’s getting hot outside.


Of the two , Typhoon Lagoon is my favorite. Probably because my eyes are sensitive to light and with all that white over at Blizzard Beach, it’s just easier on me at Typhoon Lagoon, or it could just be that I like Typhoon Lagoon better.

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However, for your situation, I’d suggest Blizzard Beach. Why? Because of the area built just for preteens called the Ski Patrol Training Camp. The Tykes Peak is really cool but it’s for the younger set. Ski Patrol has a lot to do for children about the age of your daughter.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Both of the Disney World water parks are amazing. I love Typhoon Lagoon, and we liked Blizzard Beach, but for you, Blizzard Beach wins the day.


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