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Disney World Weather in June


by Amy
(Pensacola, Florida)


I was wondering what the Disney World weather in June? I noticed that June has the highest precipitation, but is that all month or mainly the end of the month? We are going the second week of the month.

Disney World weather in June - Rains

Photo by Express Monorail


Dad’s rain is a good thing Answer



As you probably know, living in Pensacola, Florida it rains in Florida. Rain at Disney World is a good thing. (Dad talks about rain at Disney World.)


Summer afternoon rains actually cool down the temperatures and will run off some of the crowds, so they are a good thing.


As to first of the month or last of the month, I imagine it doesn’t matter a whole lot. In June, in Orlando, it will be hot and humid and it will rain. Just expect it and prepare for it.


Dad’s Bottom Line

Prepare, yes, prepare. Buy some cheap ponchos (or some really expensive ones) and put them in your park backpack. Then you’ll be ready. Take an extra pair of shoes. Take it from the Boy Scouts, be prepared.


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