Disney's Animal Kingdom Villa room question

Disney's Animal Kingdom Villa room question

by Ludo
(France, Grenoble)


I first want to apologize my English, I'm french and try to make effort to be understand :)

I'm planning to visit Disney World for the second time. I did came in 2007 at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and it was wonderful.

We gonna be 10 and I would like to have a 3 bedroom villa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo or Kidani) but my problem is that I don't want 4 people in the same room, I found it a bit crowded... So I would like to know if it's possible to have other room connected to a villa ?

Thanks again for your complete website, and thanks for your answer :)

Dad's not a regular room Answer


Thank you for your question. Your English is a whole lot better than my French.

As to your Disney Animal Kingdom Villas room question, no, you can't get a normal hotel room next to one of the Villas in either Jambo House or Kidani Village. There aren't any regular rooms on the same floors as the villas. But ...

You can get a 2 bedroom Villa (sleeps up to 8) and a studio villa which is very much like a hotel room. Disney won't guarantee it will be next door, but the do a great job of grouping families.

Ludo, I hope that helps.

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