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Disney's Hollywood Studios crowds


How to deal with the Disney's Hollywood Studios crowds. That's a really good question. It's a good thing Dad is full of good answers.



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The Hollywood Tower of Terror, Rock-N-Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, Toy Story Mania, and The Voyage of the Little Mermaid, these are some of the great rides in Disney's Hollywood Studios that attract huge crowds. And really long lines.

It's all about Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania entrance with return timePhoto by Tom Bricker get Tom's Disney World Christmas eBook


Disney Hollywood Studios is probably the hardest park to tour when it comes to avoiding lines. Most of the attractions draw long lines all day. There are more shows here than any other park and that creates a challenge when developing a touring strategy.

Dad knows Disney World Crowds

A lot of things go in to avoiding crowds at Disney World and especially at Disney Hollywood Studios. The top way is to chose the best time to visit. If you're there when the crowds are small then you really don't need any other stratagies.


But for busy times you'll need to know all you can about Disney World Crowds.

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Dad's Tips

Here are a few of Dad's Tips on how to avoid the crowds at the Studios.

Get to the park early

The early bird gets the best. The least busy time to tour is the first couple of hours after the park opens. Try to arrive at the park at least 20 minutes before it opens (30-45 minutes if you need to get any tickets). Unlike the Magic Kingdom, stroller rental is inside the ticket gate.




It's all about Toy Story Mania

Dealing with Disney Hollywood Studios Crowds starts with how you deal with Toy Story Mania. The longest line of the day is at Toy Story Mania. On a normal day the line can be over 2 hours.


So what to do about the long lines. As soon as the park opens (remember you have to get there early) run, I mean walk quickly, to Toy Story Mania and grab a FASTPASS. If you happen to be one of the first few to get there, go ahead and ride, but grab a FASTPASS when you're done. You'll want to do this one again.

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The Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror at nightPhoto by Express Monorail

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror

After Toy Story Mania, it's off to thrill alley (better know as Sunset Blvd.). it's time. It's time to move into another dimension. A dimension of speed and thrill. It's time for the Twilight Zone.


OK, you won't go directly to the Twilight Zone. Your first stop is going to be at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. If you time it right, you might walk right on to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. (You shouldn't have a big wait if you hustle.)

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Next, after riding RnR.

Star Tours

Try to hit Star Tours during an Indiana Jones Stunt Show presentation. (See why.) Lines get very long right after the Stunt Show lets out.

The Shows

Make sure to line up for Fantasmic at least 30 minutes and maybe as much as 45 minutes before show time. Lines form quickly. Usually at 30 minutes before the show, longer during the busier times, Disney Cast Members start turning away guests.


The same is true for some of the other big shows. You can get FastPasses for most of the other shows. If you want a seat without waiting too long, get a FastPass. FastPass guests are allowed into the theater first and get the best seats.

Touring Plan

It's very important to have a plan when your trying to get through the park. If you know where you are going after each ride or show and if you get the big rides done early, you'll avoid most of the backlog that develops in the afternoons.


For help developing your plan to avoid Disney Hollywood Studios crowds check out Touringplans is the web site for The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. They wrote the book on how to get around the parks with the lest hassel.

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Disney helps

Disney's Hollywood Studios was the first Disney park to have a central place where you could see how long the lines were. There aren't a lot of attractions to spread the crowds, so lines here tend to get very long. You can check out the wait times for attractions at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.

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Let's go

Wanna go to Disney Hollywood Studios? Well, let's go. All you have to do is to go over and let Dad's partners at Destinations to Travel get you started. It's easy (and free).

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Dad's Bottom Line

Disney Hollywood Studios crowds are some of the hardest to avoid at Disney World. Planning can help. Using common sense can help. But you just can't beat getting to the park early.