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Disney’s Treehouse Villas – a first look

The Dis has published some pictures and a tour of the new Treehouse Villas at Walt Disney World.

The villas are nice looking and have 4 TV’s but, they are remote and better deals can be found.

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  1. I agree that better deals can be found, but I’m not sure the point of the Treehouse Villas is to be a value. If renting points, the price isn’t all that bad for a 3-bedroom, 9-person solution.

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      Your right. I was a little rushed when I wrote that post last night and didn’t make my self clear. The Treehouse Villas are wonderful if you are looking for that kind of experience. There are not a good deal to rent for a family. If you can rent points from a DVC member, then it can be a decent deal. We’ll know more about them when guests start to give reviews.

      Thanks for your reply,

  2. Hi..

    I am getting nervous..we are booked into the treehouse villas for next week and I am not seeing the best reviews..I hope my stay is as wonderful as we thought it was going to be..


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      I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out the Treehouse Villas yet, so I can’t really tell you everything’s going to be alright. But I do know Disney, and if they have a problem, they are pretty quick to fix it.

      You see negative reviews of every Disney hotel. The Treehouse Villas are a very unique situation. I saw a review from a handicapped person that was slightly negative about the length of the ramp to get to the room. These rooms are not designed for that crowd. They were designed with a certain audience in mind. You may fit that audience. If you love the outdoors and like being surrounded by nature, you’ll probably love the villas. If you are like our family and you’re idea of roughing it is staying in a Motel 6, then you probably will not be comfortable in the Treehouse.

      Dad’s Bottom Line

      Reviews can be very subjective, but if all the reviews of a place are negative, then you might rethink your decision. The reviews I see are fairly good. Yes there are some complaints, but all in all you should be fine.

      Please let us know how it went. It will help others make a decision.


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