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Distilled Water at Disney Resorts


by Maria
(Rhode Island)

“Hi Dad. I was wondering if you knew if any of the Disney Resorts sold distilled water?


We’re heading down in 2017. We need about a gallon for a CPAP machine. I’ve checked many forums. Some say the gallons are sold at certain hotels but I haven’t been able to get a clear answer.


I know that there is the option of grocery shopping sites, but I really don’t want to pay $15 a gallon when I can get it for much less. We also don’t have outside transportation, so something within the Disney realm would be ideal.


Last resort would be to bring small water bottles in our luggage. Thanks for any help you can provide.”


The Contemporary Resort is a place to get Distilled water at Disney World

You can get some at the Contemporary Resort – Photo by Cliff Wang


***This answer is different than in the video***


Maria, that’s a good question and I’m going to give a different answer than in the video.


There are a few places you can get distilled water for your Walt Disney World vacation. First, I would check at your hotel. Most of the Disney hotels are now carrying distilled water.


If that doesn’t work I know for sure you can get it at both the Grand Floridian Resort and the Contemporary Resort. That way you could hop on the monorail grab a gallon and take it back to your hotel.


You can also try to get to one of the convenience stores on property. There’s one across the street from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You could grab an Uber over and grab not only distilled water but some snacks and other things you might need.


Also, you can order from Garden Grocer and have it delivered right to your room. Yes, there is a delivery charge but if you have several items delivered it can be a good option.


Then, like you mentioned you can bring it from home. That’s probably the least stressful and the most timely.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Those are the basic options. Check your hotel, go over to the monorail hotels and grab one there, get an Uber and go to a store, or preorder from Garden Grocer or some grocery delivery service.


That’s pretty much it.


disney world parks

disney world parks


disney hotels

disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



Comments for

Dec 03, 2018 Distilled Water @ All Star Movies Resort
by: Ben I just called and spoke with an associate who works in a store on property and was told that they do sell distilled water but it is not on display and needs to be requested. (December 2018)

Apr 22, 2017 Good answer!
by: Maria Thanks for answering my question Dad! It was helpful. I actually called the resort we’ll be staying at and they said they usually carry gallons of distilled water in the gift shop. But if they don’t have it you can ask a cast member and they can get it sent over from another resort. They run about $3.00. So we have some options besides bringing it from home.

Apr 22, 2017 distilled water
by: john I did take a 12 ounce bottle n my cpac case and had a slight problem at tsa but explained what it was and had a label on it. They checked it out and I got thru with it.

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