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Do I have to use new MagicBands?

by Fun-seekers

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“This one comes from fun-seekers in Indiana. Since the new style of MagicBands rolled out at Disney World at the beginning of this year, has there been any indication that park visitors will be required to use these new bands on their next visit or have to pay a fee to get the new bands issued for their future trips?

Thanks, Dad.”

The new MagicBand 2.0

No, you won’t be forced to use the new MagicBands – Photo by Brett Svenson

Fun-seekers, this is a really good question. I just had to set up the MagicBands for the trip. We still got a few days, a few weeks before we had to finish but I just set mine up for our trip here in October and I still had the choice to go and choose one of the old MagicBands.

It doesn’t cost anything, if you’re staying in Disney hotels, to get the new MagicBands. I’m going to have a nice new … I think it was purple MagicBand and here in a few weeks and I’ll be showing it to you when I get it. I’d be so excited. I’ll have a purple MagicBand for this trip.

It doesn’t matter which MagicBand you use. New, old, Disney doesn’t care. It’s going to be a moot point here in a year or so. The batteries on these old MagicBands only going to last two to three years so at some point, the batteries will die and you won’t be able to use them because the batteries are dead and the batteries can’t be replaced.

Disney not worried about making you use the new ones. If you want to use the old ones, use the old ones. If you want to get a new one, get a new one.

If you’re staying in a Disney resort, they’re still shipping new MagicBands. They’re still giving them out for free. They don’t cost anything. There was rumors for a while that they were going to start charging for new MagicBands but that never came to pass.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is you can use new MagicBands or old MagicBands for every trip. There’s a place in your My Disney Experience account where you can pick the MagicBand that you want to use, new or old.


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