Do I need a Fantasmic Dinner Package on December 13

by Kurt

Do I need a Fantasmic dinner package on December 13th? We did it once before in Spring and it worked GREAT with the crowds. But this time we wanted to have dinner at Sci-Fi prior, but nervous about lines for show. Do you know how crowded Fantasmic gets that week? Dinners reservations are filling up fast so would LOVE a quick answer…. thanks Dad

Fantasmic Dinner Package is not at the Sci-Fi Dine Inn

The Sci-Fi Dine is is not a place to get a Fantasmic Dinner Package in December
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Dad’s if you wait in line Answer

Kurt, Sorry it took a couple of days to get to this. We had a big occasion at our house.

About the Fantasmic Dinner Package on December 13. You can see Fantasmic without the package if you are willing to stand in line for a while. I’d guess you’d need to be in line around 30 minutes before the show to get a good seat. If you wait any longer you’ll end up in the back.

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It’s a shame that Sci-Fi Dine In is not on the Dinner Package. We don’t have much interest in the other restaurants, but would love the reserved seating.

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The good news is they are showing Fantasmic every night the week you are there. This means the lines will be shorter, but there is only one show and everyone will want to see it. So, if the park is full that day, I’d get in line early.

You never “have” to pay for the Dinner Package to get a seat for the show, but during busy times it’s almost essential. (We got there 45 minutes early one time and they had already closed the line.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Kurt, you should be OK without the Dinner Package. The earlier you get in line the better seat you’ll get. Have a great trip.

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