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Do I need a FastPass for the nighttime shows?

by Ramona
(Norman, OK)

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“We are planning to go on our first trip to Disney World the last week of Sep through the first week of Oct. I was planning out the shows (Fantasmic!, Star Wars, River of Lights) and noticed that there are FastPasses for them and dining reservations where you receive vouchers.

We would rather not spend a FastPass on these or get a dinner reservation, and since we are staying off property we probably won’t even have a chance to get a FastPass for it anyways, so I was wondering if we are able to see the shows without those things? Without sitting in the amphitheater?

Is there a place where we’d be able to come an hour before the show and stand and still be able to see the shows without the reservations and FastPasses?

Thank you!”

You do NOT need a FastPass for the night time shows

The general admission seating for Rivers of Light

Yes, there is general seating for Rivers of Light – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Ramona, howdy neighbor. I’m right up the road in Edmond.

Let’s see if we can work this out for you.

Of the three, Star Wars: a Galactic Spectacular is the easiest to watch. It’s a lot like Happily Ever After over at the Magic Kingdom in that there is no “reserved” seating. Everyone just crowds in around the Chinese Theatre and watches it.

Yes, there is a dessert party, but not a dining package where you get priority seating. There isn’t any seating.

The other two, Fantasmic! and Rivers of Light are both shown in huge amphitheaters that seat thousands. However, about 2/3rds of the seats for both shows are reserved for FastPass holders and Dinner Package guests.

At each, there is a section available for general admission guests. This is usually the first section to fill up, so you’ll need to arrive early.

Getting a FastPass

You might, depending on when you are going, get a FastPass for both Fantasmic! and Rivers of Light at 30 days or even closer to your trip.

I just checked and today (July 31) both Fantasmic! and Rivers of Light had FastPasses available for tonight! So it’s possible that you’ll be able to get one on the day of.

Dad’s FastPass+ page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes, all of the nighttime shows have places for walk up, no pass, no dinner package guests. I would plan to get there early, at least 45 minutes, an hour during busy season to have a chance to get a spot.

Do check on the day of and see if you can get a FastPass.

If you don’t get one, stake out your spot early.


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