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Do “love bugs” negatively impact pool experience in the resorts?


by Vicki
(Geneva, Il)


We have two options: WDW 2012 late may for the week prior to Memorial Day weekend, and June 4th through June 11th (avoiding Gay Days). We have three young boys who love to swim and we really plan to spend a lot of time, weather permitting, at Beach Club Pools.


We would like to avoid June crowds, but why bother going in May if the “love bugs” will put a damper on lounging at the pools. Our two youngest are easy to please and nothing will stop them from having fun, but our eldest has sensory issues, and the bugs will be a major problem.


In your experience do families find that they are unable to enjoy the pool due to the May seasonal “love bug” infestation? Thanks for your advice!


Your site has been invaluable as we plan our trip.


The Pool at Stormalong Bay

The Pool at Stormalong Bay Photo by Express Monorail

Dads’s Ewwwehh Answer



It depends on a couple of things. Just how much do you dislike bugs? And how bad will the bugs be? I can’t really answer either one here. I did answer a similar question last year.


Dad’s Love Bugs at Disney World page


The May infestation is usually not nearly as bad as the October one. If you have a huge aversion to bugs, you might want to plan for the June date. If you only have a mild aversion, then go in May.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Vicki, the Love Bugs will be everywhere not just at the pools. They won’t overrun the place, but can be a bit annoying.


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Mar 30, 2014 love bugs
by: Anonymous Hi I’m planning a trip to Orlando 23 August to 7 September do the love bugs come out on these dates or is it mid to late September?

Dad’s Answer

It’s usually mid September.

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