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The dark tunnel you walk through at Space Mountain

Disney World – Space Mountain funny things happen in the dark

The Fastpass ticket said return at 11:01 to 12:01. So at 10:55 we were impatiently waiting. Can the clock move any slower. All 8 of us were poised and ready.


Space Mountain.


Thrill was in the air. The little kids were all a little apprehensive, so I tried to reassure them that everything would be OK.


“It’s OK kids, only 2 people a day die on Space Mountain.”


I’m so helpful.

Finally the clock struck 11:01 and off we went.


We gave the nice young person at the Fastpass stand our tickets and up the ramp we went.

The dark tunnel you walk through at Space Mountain

It was dark – Photo by Express Monorail

It was dark.


Very dark.


We started passing people in the standby line. Lots and lots of people.


Every couple of minutes someone (other than me) would scream.


It was dark.

Very dark.


Then I found out what was causing all the screaming.


In the darkest part of the line, someone was grabbing peoples’ bottoms and squeezing.


How do I know.

It happened to me, and to Mrs. Mom’s Sister #1 (Yes, the grumpy one). (But not any of the kids.)



It was dark

Very dark

Loved the ride.

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  1. I have read all of the stories about our trip, and I am not in any of them. I mean I am the baby and the favorite sister in law how can I not be in this web site. How rude…

    You forgot to mention our ilaminated tenerary that was placed under our door every morning as well as our laminated emergency phone numbers. These were very helpful and I think you should rent your wife out to go and keep other families on schedule.

    Love you,

    Mouse ears and all…


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