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Do the Disney World parking lots cost anything for Disney Hotel guests


by John


In the past, we have gone to Walt Disney World and used Disney transportation. This year, after actually discovering your page earlier this year, we are following your advise and renting a car. I have two questions. Fist, if you are staying in a Disney Hotel, do you have to pay Disney World for parking at the parks? Second part, can I cheat a little and park at another resort (like the Beach Club) and walk to EPCOT through the back door to the World Showcase?


Disney World Parking Lot sign

Disney World Parking Lot Sign Photo by Brandon?

Dad’s it’s a perk Answer


John, if you are staying at a Disney hotel during your stay, parking at one of the Disney World parking lots is free. When you check in to your hotel you will be given a parking pass good for the length of your stay.


This is a pretty big perk. It costs $14.00 per day to park at the Disney World (theme park) parking lots. That adds up pretty quickly. That’s $70.00 for 5 days.


Now about parking the Beach Club, Boardwalk Inn or Yacht Club and walking to the back of EPCOT officially that’s not allowed. But, let’s say you want to eat a pizza from the Boardwalk Pizza Window and just happen to walk in to EPCOT to ride a ride or 4 no one actually monitors the cars and writes tickets.


If you have a Disney parking pass, they really don’t mess with you much, but if you are staying offsite, the guard at the gate might question you a bit.


I have done something similar at the Polynesian Resort before when I was staying offsite for business. I would tell them at the guard shack that I have an ‘‘Ohana reservation and park in the parking lot and go watch Wishes then go back to the car when the show is over.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Disney World Hotel guests can park just about anywhere at Disney World without paying anything extra. That’s a good reason to stay in a Disney Hotel.


PS. If you need a reservation let Amanda and her crew from Destinations to Travel help you with all your trip needs.


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