Do the Disney World Value Resorts have elevators?

Do the Disney World Value Resorts have elevators?

by Tina

Do you ride or do you climb? That is the question! Or even better, do the Disney World Value Resorts have elevators?

Hey Dad, I noticed that the new Art of Animation resort is now booking for 2012. The room pricing seems favorable, especially during value seasons for the themed family suites. My question is, do these hotels have elevators or do you have to climb stairs to get to your room?

In fact, do the Disney moderate resorts have elevators? I know the doors to the rooms are not from internal corridors but I just wondered how people got to their rooms on 2nd, 3rd & 4th floors.

Do the Disney World Value Resorts have Elevators?

The stairway at the Pop Century and yes, the Disney World Value Resorts have elevators
Photo by Daryl Mitchell

Dad's me, I fly Answer


The short answer is how would I know, I just fly up to my room. (Just kidding.) And yes, I carry the family up on my back. Ain't I somethin?

Yes, all of the Disney World Value Resorts do have elevators. They are located in the center of each building. At the ends of the buildings you'll see stairways. The stairways are cleverly disguised as some cute decoration (like the bowling pin above from the Pop Century Resort).

Dad's Disney Pop Century page

On one of our trips, we had the rooms nearest the stairwell and climbed (sorry to disappoint you, I can't really fly) the stairs most of the time because it was a pretty good walk to the elevator and we were only on the second floor.

Now about those Family Suites at the Art of Animation Resort
The Family Suites currently in the All Star Music Resort are designed with one bed. Yes, that's right I said they have one bed in them. One bed that sleeps two people. One! Everyone else gets to sleep on sleeper sofas and sleeper chairs. (One sleeper sofa and 2 sleeper chairs.) Do you know how uncomfortable those things are?

Dad's Disney All Star Music Resort page

The plans that have been made public for the new hotel show the same thing. However Disney has yet to publish room layouts officially. If your family likes to sleep in beds, I might make other arrangements. We book 2 rooms and request connecting rooms. That way everyone has their own bed.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Tina, if you can't fly to your room, then yes, you the Disney World Value Resorts have elevators or the really neat stairways. (You can always request a room near the elevator if you have trouble walking. Or you could request a room on the ground floor.)

PS. I forgot to mention that the Disney World Moderate Resorts all have elevators too.

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Jun 18, 2011
You are so smart !! and you can fly
by: Tina

Thanks for the elevator tip. Boy I got suckered in with the inovabed concept. I agree that sofa beds are neither good as a sofa or a bed especially after they have been slept in a bunch of times but I actually thought Disney had changed that concept with the new Family suites at the new AoA. 2 rooms is the way to go then and cheaper too.

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