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Do the Party dates effect the Disney World Crowd Calendars?


by Brian P
(Fort Worth TX)


“Now that they’ve announced the dates for the Christmas parties, will this change the crowd calendars? We are planning to be in the Magic Kingdom on November 26th, 28th, and 30th, and that is the same day as the parties.”


Wreck it Ralph float at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Parade is really cool – Photo by Brett Svenson


Hey Brian. Thanks for the question. Good question. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, they really don’t have a a lot of effect on the overall crowd levels. That’s what Dad’s crowd calendars track, is the overall crowds at Walt Disney World. Again, these are the same parties that go on year after year.


Check out the crowd calendars from the months of the parties…

The dates or the days of the week are pretty much the same. We kind of know the pattern so we figure that in before we put out the crowd calendars.


One thing I don’t do is I don’t make out my crowd calendars and then change them two weeks before because something happened. That’s just not the way I work. I put up my crowd calendars, I figure what I think the crowds will be, like I just did here in this month. April, we just put out the 2018 crowd calendars. They’re out.


Now, if I made a mistake … Years past I’ve put … I’ve forgotten to figure in the date of Easter and a couple of times I make small, little mistakes, but if I make a mistake, I’ll correct it.


Changing the crowd calendars because free dining happened, I think we talked about that a couple of weeks ago … If free dining is announced, will that change the crowd calendars? No, it doesn’t change the crowd calendars because we know free dining is going to happen.


We know discounts are going to happen. We know the parties are going to happen so we figure that into the crowd calendars when we figure them in.


I will say that when it comes to crowds and the parties, on the party dates, that’s a great day to go to the Magic Kingdom because typically they crowds are smaller on party dates because people know that the Magic Kingdom is going to close at 7:00 and they’re not going to get to see the evening activities so the crowds of people tend to avoid the Magic Kingdom on party dates.


Dad’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party page
Dad’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party page


Typically, some of the lowest crowds of the year in the Magic Kingdom are on party dates because people just don’t go party dates. It’s a good day to go to the Magic Kingdom, typically.


Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is the crowd calendars won’t change. We already know when they are going to happen.


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disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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