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Do we need TWO days at Disney Hollywood Studios?

by Amanda

Alright, I’m done saying I’m done asking you questions, because I keep coming up with more. 🙂

Here’s a Hollywood Studios question for you. This is our first trip and I’m wondering if we need TWO days to do Disney Hollywood Studios? Our kids are 9, 7 & 3 and want to see every show/attraction…honestly, I don’t think there is one thing they want to miss.

We will have to go back to the resort for a few hours in the afternoon so our youngest can nap and I’m worried we just won’t have time to see it all. We are doing Fantasmic that evening, so the park will be more busy. I know everyone says this is a half to one day park at best, but I just don’t want to feel like we are running from attraction to attraction and missing stuff. What do you think?

Dad’s slow and relaxing Answer


I really like Disney Hollywood Studios. It’s one of my favorite Disney World parks (it’s in the top 4). Yes, it doesn’t take a full day to tour the park unless you try to ride all the rides. If you want to ride every ride and see every show, it will take you a full day.

Dad’s Disney Hollywood Studios page

So how should you tour the park? For Dad, there are a couple of different ways to tour DHS, there’s the Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster way, and then there’s Dad’s way.

Never heard of either of those? Good, because I just made them up.

The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster way to tour Disney Hollywood Studios. Start out at a dead run and loop your way around the park crashing into the finish at the end. This is the way most people tour the Studios. They run to their favorite ride and run to the next ride and run to the next ride until they finally run out of rides. Then the try to see the shows. At the end of the day they might see half of the shows and some of the rides.

Toy Story
Mania Game

Then there is Dad’s way. Slow and steady. Dad likes to have a plan, and Dad’s a pretty good planner. Dad purposely makes his way smartly around the park hitting each ride and show at precisely the correct time. When Dad’s day is done, he’s seen everything in the park and might even ride Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster twice.

So what does that have to do with your question about if you need TWO days to see Disney Hollywood Studios? My short answer is yes, if you have 2 days, plan 2 days. If you don’t, then don’t. (Don’t you just love Dad’s logic.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Some of the best rides anywhere are in the Studios. You could spend hours riding Toy Story Mania. So if you end up with some extra time, ride some rides again. Perfect.

Comments for Do we need TWO days at Disney Hollywood Studios?

Dec 31, 2010

Take Two

by: Patti (Submitted on Facebook page)

Sure, you could do the park in a day…ride all the rides and see the shows, but I feel you’d miss the ambiance of the park. In all the parks I like to take in the “feeling” each one is conveying. It’s more than just the rides. The architecture, the landscape the WHOLE experience is important. If you have the, definitely spend more than one day in any of the parks. Get the Disney experience.

Dec 29, 2010

A Plan?

by: Mrs. Mom

So Dad, you said that you had a plan for DHS. What is it?????

And I don’t think you hit every ride and show perfectly.

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  1. Two days is definitly to much. We have been attracted by Star Wars – Rise Of The Resistance. At 8:01 am (one minute after opening) the attraction was sold out via App. We are very disappointed as many of our co-visitors around us …

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