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Do you get any perks from Disney?


by Steve A.
(about a block from Dad)


So, when you personally go to Walt Disney World with Dad’s family and friends, do you inform the Disney folks (I assume the Marketing Division) that one of their top website aficionados is “on site”, or do you travel incognito to get the feel of the common man’s experience? If you tell them, do they allow any “behind the Ears access?” Just wondering what perks come with your hobby.



Guided tour by Mickey Mouse himself

Perks from Disney Photo by Express Monorail


Dad’s why yes I do Answer


Dear Steve, my good friend,


(Yes, for full disclosure Steve has been one of Dad’s best friends for over 30 years. He loves Dad’s site and we talk about it often. Why he sent me this question when he could have just asked me last night, or Sunday, I’ll never know, but it’s a good question so I though instead of picking up the phone and totally ignoring it, I will answer it here. How’s that for full disclosure? And no, I will not release my tax returns.)


I know why you’re asking this question, it’s because you want to go to Walt Disney World with Dad and get some perks. Yeah, buddy, do I know you or what?


Of course I get perks. I’m Dad. I get a personally supervised tour with the big cheese himself. He takes me by the hand (see the picture above) and walks me personally through all the parks. Just me and the mouse. It’s an incredible experience. Oops, I think that was my dream last night.


I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed with the real answer. I would never, in your wildest dreams, try to get any perks out of Disney. Just because I’m a wildly successful internet superstar. (Too much?) I’m still so mad at them for not even considering me for the Mom’s Panel, that I’ll never ever forgive those ingrates. (check out Dad’s Guide to Dad’s Guide for the full story of Dad’s sad beginning.)


So, when I go to Disney World, just like you and everyone else, I pay the full price, I stand in line (except I do know a couple of tricks for that one), I sweat, I even wear sunglasses so I can be incognito. (I haven’t been mobbed yet.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Steve, nope, no perks, no behind the “Ears” access, nothing special. Why? Because if I did that what kind of objectivity would I have. How could I relate to the working mans experience. No, I’m not ever going to demand special treatment just because I’m the best Disney World voice on the planet. (I tried that once and got laughed at.)


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Comments for

Mar 11, 2013 Dad Does Disney Know Who You Are ???
by: Camile Punch Dad let ask a different question. Does Disney know who you are now that you have opened a website dedicated to WDW ??? Just be honest have they noticed you ??? I was able to get them to notice me once and i was greatly impressed with what they did for me and my family that one time.

I have seen likes on the Facebook site from a VP of Finance, but I haven’t done enough to get any real attention from Disney yet.

Mar 30, 2012 What about me?
by: Princess Dad- You just need to wear a special button like Prince Charming and I did. Then you get all the perks you want without asking.

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