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Do you have park predictions/guidelines for which parks to go to on what days as far as crowds go?

by Denise
(Severn, MD)

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I see that you have color coded days for crowds, but do you break it down to which parks are better to go to on certain days vs. others? Thanks!

Dad’s not right now Answer

Dad's December Disney World Crowd Calendar

Here’s an example of Dad’s Crowd Calendar

Denise, that’s a good question. So far we have not done that. There’s a lot of reasons why, but the main one is we don’t have enough presence in the parks to track day-to-day crowd levels.

Also, I just don’t have time. Tracking crowd levels at each park is a full time job and right now we just don’t have the resources do do that and everything else we are working on.

Plus, there’s somebody that already does so much better a job at tracking and predicting the daily crowds in the parks, and that’s

Our friends over at are in the parks everyday, live, tracking the crowds, and they create predictions of what the crowds are going to be in each park everyday.

I would highly recommend check them out. In fact, if you go to our Touringplans page, we’ve even got a little discount code that you can go and save some money on the subscription.

Yes, you have to buy a subscription, but it’s worth it, you get the Lines app that keeps track of the crowds in each park live. They also have a hotels page that has a picture from each room so you can see the view plus it will let you send a request directly to Disney for the room you want. And there’s a lot more.

Check them out.

Dad’s Touringplans page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

We will not be doing the park day-to-day page anytime soon. We might do a general post about which park to go on which day, but we’re not going to get into that everyday park right now.


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