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Do you know the company DVC Rentals?


by Eddie
(El PaSo, Tx)


This may not be your alley, but we are looking at renting DVC points and came across a site called They’re currently renting points at $14 points, but I can’t find any reviews on this company. Have you heard anything about them?


The Boardwalk area has some great DVC options

You might want a room in this area… – Photo by Cliff Wang


Yes. Yes, I have. I know DVC Rentals very well. They are our partners.


We don’t promote DVC Rentals as that name, but we promote Dave’s Vacation Club Rentals or DVC Requests. Those and DVC Rentals, it’s all the same company. They just have several different names they call themselves.


DVC Request has been part of Dad’s Guide pretty much ever since we started. A couple of months ago, I interviewed Dave, the guy that owns DVC Rentals, for WDW Magazine. He’s a good guy. I trust him.


Dave pretty much started the whole DVC point renting industry. They provided a service where point owners and people who would like to rent points can get together and make a deal. It’s a good service for both ends.


It works really well or people that want get a Deluxe Villa room at a Moderate sometimes even a Value Resort price. You will save a ton of money over Disney’s rental price if you want to stay at a Disney Vacation Club Resort.


Dave's Vacation Club Rentals is Dad's go to place for renting Disney Vacation Club points


We absolutely recommend DVC Rentals/DVC Request/Dave’s Vacation Club Rentals. We use them. They are really the best at DVC point rentals,


I think Dave told me he told me they’ve been around over 10 years. They are the pioneer in DVC point Rentals.


Check out DVC Rentals/DVC Request/Dave’s DVC


Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line, answer to your question is, absolutely. We know them. Highly recommend them.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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