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Do you know when the 2012 Disney World hotel prices will be available?


by Melissa


Hi Dad, I’m hoping to take my family to Disney this coming winter. From your charts it looks like end of January might be the most quiet time at Disney? We are a homeschooling family, with 3 girls under age 6 so we can really go any time of year but would prefer the winter (to escape the New England weather!). Also, I’m not yet able to look at prices for booking this time frame online, do you know when the 2012 Disney World hotel prices will be available? Thanks so much!


Disney World hotel prices for 2011 the Polynesian will be the most expensive

Dad’s Favorite Disney World Hotel Photo by Jeff_B


Dad’s what a silly question Answer



Of course Dad knows when the 2012 Disney World hotels prices will be up. That’s my job. (Not really, I just know when Disney has released them in the past. With Disney there is really no telling.)


Oh, you want me to tell you when the 2012 Disney World hotel prices will be released. That will cost you. Just kidding. Disney usually announces the next years hotel prices in August. You’ll be able to book then.


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January will be a great time to visit Disney World. The crowds will be small and the temperatures should be nice. However, sometimes it gets cold in Florida in January. (Been there, done that.)

Dad’s January Disney World crowds page

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Dad’s Bottom Line



It’s great that you are free to visit Disney World any time of year. The 2012 prices should be up in August. That will be a good time to make your reservations. Can I go?


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