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Does Disney do anything special on New Years Eve

by Carrie

Hi Dad- Even though I know the crowds are large around this time I am thinking of spending New years eve at Disney World (Ok, so I already booked a trip and have not told my family yet.) Birthday gift for Grandma!!!! Anyway… Can you tell me. Does Disney do anything special on New years eve? or for New Years Day? Thank you-Carrie

Dad’s big boom Answer


Sneaky. The only problem I have with this is you didn’t book your trip with Dad.

Yes, Disney does a whole bunch on New Years Eve. Every park (except Animal Kingdom) is open late and has not one, but at least 2 firework shows. Disney Hollywood Studios has 4 firework shows that night.

The Magic Kingdom stays open until 2am (usually and way later if it’s an Extra Magic Hours night). The normal Wishes is shown at around normal time. Then just before midnight a special “Fantasy in the Sky” firework show is performed.

At EPCOT There are 2 special showings (extended) of Illuminations. Disney Hollywood Studios gets into the act with 3 showings of Fantasmic and then a big “Lights, Cameras, Action” New Years Fireworks Show.

Big Booms all over the sky. If you want to see one of these shows from the park you’ll need to arrive at the park first thing in the morning and expect to stay all day. This is a day when all of the parks have been closed to all incoming guests! Lots of people from around Orlando will come over just for the night to watch fireworks. They’ll gather on the bank of Seven Seas Lagoon and just about anywhere else they can to watch the shows.

It’s been estimated that 500,000 people are in the vicinity of Disney World on New Years Eve.

New Years Day is pretty much like any other day when the parks are crammed full of people. (See what happened to Dad on New Years Day.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

New Years Eve is very special at Disney World. Lots of booming, loud, pretty fireworks and lots of people to enjoy them.

Comments for Does Disney do anything special on New Years Eve

Jan 01, 2016

does Disney do anything special on New Years Eve

by: Mark from NC

We will be there next year for Christmas and New Years.(staying on Disney property) What park do you recommend for New Years Eve? One family member in a wheelchair.

Dad’s Answer

It depends…

If you want to enjoy the fireworks show and don’t mind the crushing crowds, then go to the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT.

If you want a nice, reasonably quiet day followed by going back to the hotel and watching the New Year come in on the TV, go to the Animal Kingdom.

All of the parks except Animal Kingdom will be very busy. All of the viewing areas around the parks will be very busy. If you want to see one of the shows, steak out a place early and enjoy!

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